7 Design Tips for Commercial Interior Spaces

Are you looking to spruce up your commercial space?

From retail to restaurants, commercial spaces have a lot of people to function for. The space needs to work for customers, but also work for your staff too. You need to take care when considering your commercial interior design and decor. But if you’re not an interior designer, you might not know where to start. With something as simple as quality commercial flooring Melbourne businesses can improve safety while ensuring the interior space looks good for a long time.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these 7 tips you follow when you’re sprucing up your commercial interior. Also, you can prefer glass balustrades that look very luxurious at your home.

1. Open Floor Plan or Closed?

This tip is for any business, but especially offices. How open-plan do you want the space to be? Will you keep areas and workers divided with closed rooms and cubicles? Or, are you looking to give clients and staff freedom and space?

Most modern spaces use an open plan layout. It creates an atmosphere of cooperation and openness. But, the type of layout you pick needs to reflect the needs of your business. Both types have their pros and cons.

Let’s look at office spaces as an example. The traditional closed office reinforces the sense of hierarchy and order. It also provides privacy for managers and senior figures. Open plans give a sense of community, encouraging managers and employees to collaborate.

If you want to choose an open plan, you should consider noise control. Having conference spaces and break rooms is vital. The space needs to be attractive, yes, but it also has to function above all else.

2. Pick High-Quality Materials

No matter what your business does, you always need to pick high-quality materials. When it comes to commercial interiors people expect reliability, comfort, and quality. You want a timeless feel too, so your space doesn’t become tired and dated.

Look for furniture that uses durable materials such as:

Talk with your health and safety officer to make sure all materials you choose are safe. Furniture should be safe for long-term use. It shouldn’t cause any ergonomic and musculoskeletal issues.

You need to make safety a top priority and it should fuse into your design. Don’t sacrifice any safety regulations for style. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style completely. You can have a very safe design that’s still pleasing to the eye.

Your interior designer, contractor, and occupational safety officer will help you. Together, they’ll get you a design you love, and that keeps your customers and staff safe.

3. Focus on Balance

One tip that commercial interior designers champion is creating balance. The way to start is with your architectural features like the doors and windows. You then install other features to keep the balance.

For example, for open plan spaces, you can add columns to break up the space for desks. You can also use existing features to create areas or “zones”. Temporary walls/screens give more structure, but with motion and sophistication.

4. Keep It Versatile

You want to ensure that your interior space is easy to convert to your changing needs. The best way to do this is to keep the design versatile. This way you can change things about when you need to for future changes and adaptations.

This, again, is where screens and temporary walls come into their own. You can restructure them and move them around as your business changes and grows.

An experienced, professional builder can set you up with a flexible interior space. Speak with them about an open floor plan that you can break into zones that are easy to change. A versatile space will expand, shift and grow with you, so you can use it for years to come.

5. Design For Comfort

Comfort is an important part of commercial interior design to boost productivity. Commercial spaces that aren’t comfortable for customers and staff will hold you back. You should offer furniture for staff that has a variety of postures.

For guests, consider a comfortable lobby to invite them into. There should be a comfortable, spacious breakroom for staff too, so they can unwind and relax at lunch. Comfortable armchairs and couches in these spaces are a must.

For restaurants, consider the lighting and how it sets a comfortable mood. Customers want to relax when they’re eating, and the lighting can set the tone of the whole meal. Make sure you only have the best restaurant lighting.

Whether it’s an ergonomic chair or a plush soft sofa and ottomans furniture has a big impact. It will affect how your customers and your staff feel throughout the day, so give it some thought.

Shop around when you’re making your choices and test it yourself. How is the upholstery, are the chairs and couches comfortable for you? If you wouldn’t want to spend the day using it, don’t expect customers and staff to.

6. Use Inspiration

When it comes to commercial interior painting, color matters. Color psychology teaches us that different colors and shades bring out different emotions. You can set the energy and vibe you want your space to have. You can:

  • promote openness and conversation
  • spread happiness
  • create calm and peacefulness

Many businesses look towards neutral colors. Grey and brown are popular as they create atmospheres of calm, civility, and comfort.

In private spaces like break rooms or conference areas, they’re being more creative. Bolder colors boost motivation for staff and add a touch of flair and personality. Orange, green, and blue are popular, giving an energy and productivity boost.

7. It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Most of the time the commercial space decor design you have in mind at first won’t look like the end result. It’ll be better because design is something that evolves and changes as you work on it.

You might notice that you’re using too much of a color, or you need to retweak the layout for a better feel/function. Letting your ideas change with the space is the best thing you can do for your design.

Work with your contractor and designer if you have concerns. When problems arise, bring up them as you’ll be able to fix them faster. They’re experts at this, with years of experience. You can troubleshoot together to get the best solution.

Getting the Right Commercial Interior Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these 7 tips you’ll be sure to get the right commercial interior for your business.

With commercial spaces, they need to look professional and comfortable. But, they need to function for their purpose. For customers and staff, the environment must be safe and work for them. But you can get a sleek, professional, attractive finish still, beauty and function can go hand in hand.

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