7 Different Types Of T-Shirts Every Man Should Have

T-shirts are the all-time choice for you throughout the years as this is the most comfortable wear. It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, and there are always different sets of t-shirts that every man should have in his wardrobe. Even though this is clear to everyone, many are confused about what tshirt for men to buy exactly. The new fashion trend shows different species of tshirt for men, some of which are made for specific occasions but can be worn almost every day. No matter if you are heading out for a family function or sipping cocktails by the beach, check out the following list to buy men’s t-shirt to look your best at all times.

1. Plain Ones

This is one of the must-haves and most classic choices of t shirt for men that must be present in every man’s wardrobe. It might seem very simple, but do not forget its ability to upgrade you for any event. Plain t shirt for men originated as undergarment wear, especially for military men, which turned into one of the classic wear across the world. You can elevate the look by adding a suit jacket or even when paired with denim pants, and this is one of the options that won’t get possibly wrong.

2. Henley T-shirts

This is a hybrid version of basic t-shirt for men and a polo. Henley t-shirt for men give you a relaxed look with the addition of buttons and no collar. It is all-year round wear as it is available in different fabrics. With the options of long and short sleeves, this mix of t-shirt for men and a polo gives a subtle way to upgrade the whole outfit. One of the best use of this is to wear a perfect-fit henley t-shirt on your gym days to show off the results.

3. Printed T-shirts

These are t-shirt for men, and when worn outside, they create a remarkable statement. It can be through supporting your favorite quote, actor, or even favorite labels and even when you want to create a piece of political information. The printed t-shirts for men always give you the option to be either loud or as gentle as you wish. No doubt that these are eye-catching wears that can be easily used to add a splash of color to the whole outfit. Be it any idea or any other thought, whatever you want to express, say it through a printed t-shirt for men.

4. Knitted tees

This is something not that cheerful but is cheap and is the best casual wear heaven. With all the characteristics of wool, these breathable and temperature-regulating knitted t-shirt for men are a fantastic option for your wardrobes. This unstructured fit gives you the most flexible opportunity to wear.

5. Long Sleeves

These are the must-have t-shirts for men due to their versatility. Best suited during the transition months or during the winter seasons as a base layer. Complete the outfit with jeans or chinos for a casual everyday look or to upgrade the overall look with a French tuck. Another specialty of these t shirts for men is that whatever the fit, whether oversized or fitted, it simply elevates the whole outfit. Play with the endless opportunities of a neutral shade, striped design,s or printed ones, long sleeve tshirt for men are a perfect choice.

6. Pastel Tees

These are the latest color palette for men’s wardrobe that stands out from the classic white. This modern approach to pastel color turns out to be the new versatile element for your sunny days. These tones create a contemporary look and can be worn casually to add a soft, vibrant element to the wardrobe.

7. Striped T-shirts

This option comes to you when the prints are not under your preference. Striped t-shirt for men evolved as a uniform in the French navy and turned out in the fashion field as a wise option. This alternate option always brightens up the look subtly. For a classic look, choose a Breton stripe in the color navy, black or red. If you go for a bold statement, go with thicker lines and complementary colors. Enjoy this style all season as it is available in varieties of long and short sleeves.


  • How many types of t-shirt styles are available in the market?

The classifications come in a varied range from the v-neck, polo, henley, or the crew necklines or with the fit. These are oversized t-shirt for men, slim fits for your gym days. And also according to different sleeves, be it the entire sleeve or the half sleeve, as well as the design ones like the printed or the classic striped ones.

  • What is the average number of t-shirts a man should have?

There is no particular count for the total number of t-shirts a man should have in his wardrobe, and It depends on how often you wear them. On average, seven to ten t-shirt for men are the count that allows covering basic styles.


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