7 Exciting Games for Kids and Toddlers

The kids love to play various games with their friends at indoor and outdoor places. As a parent, you always want your kids to remain safe even when they are jumping on the trampoline or playing basketball game. There are some common activities that make your kids feel boring, therefore they keep looking for new games and activities all the time.

During vacation period, the kids are free for doing all kinds of activities. But the problem is that not all activities are safe for them. If you are looking for some unique games and activities for your kids then you have reached the right place. Here, we are going to tell you some amazing activities that will entertain your kids and also help in their overall development during the holidays.

7 Amazing Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Our team has conducted a research to find out the most loved games for kids and toddlers in 2021. At the end of our research, we have found 7 amazing games and activities that are really influencing for kids. Here we provide all such activities as follows:

1. Drawing and Painting

Painting is an art and most kids do painting during their school days. You can arrange a painting contest among your kids and their friends. For that, you need several canvases and a few color sets. Ask all kids to draw any nearby beautiful thing and tell them that the kid with best painting will be rewarded with a chocolate or pastries.

Doing painting on canvas will improve your kids’ drawing and painting skills. It will also keep the kids busy for hours and encourage them to make accurate paintings to win the contest. You can also ask the kids to draw their favorite cartoon or superhero like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Iron Man and others.

2. Bowling at Home

You may have seen the adults playing bowling at game clubs. This is the same game but the pins are softer and smaller as it is for the kids. You should buy a bowling set for kids so that your kids can play bowling game with their siblings and friends. The kids bowling set includes 10 foam pins that are made of safe, soft and non-toxic. It also includes a ball which the kids can use to hit the foam pins.

You should arrange the bowling game for kids inside your home. Each kid should get equal chances to hit the foam pins standing in a row from a little distance. The kid who will hit more pins will win the game.

3. Get A Trampoline

Trampolines are the most entertaining equipment for kids. You can get an indoor trampoline for toddlers and an outdoor trampoline for kids. In order to get the best trampoline for kids you should set your priorities first and then choose a trampoline based on that. The kids trampolines come with a handlebar to provide support when the kid is continuously jumping on the trampoline.

Jumping on a trampoline is the most amazing experience for kids. The toddler trampolines are quite affordable and they have 55 to 100 lbs weight limit. Your kids can safely jump and play on such trampolines under your supervision. The trampolines improve your kids’ balance & coordination and also develop their motor skills.

4. Air Hockey Game

We all love the air hockey game as it is easy to play and it keeps us active throughout the game play. There are many high quality air hockey tables for kids available in market. You can choose the best air hockey table from them based on your kids’ age and your requirements. Some air hockey tables also come in foldable design in case you have shortage of space in your house.

You can buy a tabletop air hockey table for toddlers or young kids or get a medium air hockey table for elder kids. The air hockey tables come with pucks and pushers required for playing the game. It also has a air blow motor to provide consistent airflow on table surface to make the puck move smoothly during the game play.

5. In A Row Game

This is an interesting game to play for your kids. You need to buy a 4 in a row connect game set and put the same in your kids room or game room. The game set includes a giant plastic wall with multiple round holes where the kids need to insert the rings. The game set includes 42 holes and 42 round rings with 21 of one color and 21 of other color.

Ask your kids to insert the round rings one by one into the holes given in wall. Each participating kid has to create a row of 4 rings and the opposite kid has to do the same. This game is quite interesting as the kids have to put the 4 rings in a row and also prevent their opponent to do it.

6. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles are like brain teasers for kids. You can get normal to tough jigsaw puzzle sets based on your kids’ age. The jigsaw puzzle set includes several pictures and pieces for the same pictures. The kids are required to focus on one picture and connect the pieces to complete the picture exactly same.

The jigsaw puzzles help in your kids brain development and also improve their focusing abilities. By connecting the pieces of puzzles, the kids can learn how to concentrate on a single task for several minutes.

7. Treasure Hunt Game

This game requires your attention as the kids cannot alone play it. The treasure hunt game requires at least 3-4 kids and some toys or food items that your kids love. In order to play the treasure hunt game, you need to find some hidden places in your house and you can also use the basement.

To begin the treasure hunt game, as your kids to close their eyes or stay away from the house for a few minutes. During this time, you need to hide your kids favorite toys or food items at secret places in your house. Thereafter you need to put some clues that the kids can use to reach the treasure. When everything is set, just call your kids and begin the treasure hunt game.

If there are 4 kids, you can make two teams i.e. 2 kids in each team. The kids have to find the clues and keep moving until they find out the treasure. It can keep your kids busy for hours and give them a feeling detectives or treasure hunters.

Wrapping Up:

You can arrange any of the 7 amazing activities given above to keep your kids engaged during holidays. Playing these games or activities are not only useful to keep the kids busy but also help in their overall development.


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