7 things that improve ERP user experience

The core of modern businesses is enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. They help businesses in managing their essential operational procedures, including, among others, finance, inventories, and manufacturing. The effectiveness and efficiency of ERP software are key factors in determining a company’s success. However, consumers frequently complain about the user experience (UX) of ERP systems. To promote user adoption, productivity, and general contentment, a great user experience is essential. In this blog, we will discuss seven things that can improve the ERP user experience.

7 things that improve ERP user experience

Simplify Navigation

An essential element of ERP software is navigation. ERP systems can be complicated, making it challenging for users to locate the appropriate capability at the appropriate time. Navigation needs to be clear and intuitive to improve the user experience. Users shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the features they require.

Simplifying the user interface is one of the most important steps in enhancing the ERP user experience. While ERP tools may be complicated and have a wide range of features and operations, a cluttered user interface can make it challenging for users to locate the information they require. It is crucial to arrange the several elements and functionalities in a way that makes sense to the user to streamline the interface. The usage of breadcrumbs and the clear labeling of menus, tabs, and buttons are two techniques for streamlining and user-friendly navigation.

Customizable Dashboards

Users can quickly review the performance of the ERP software using dashboards, which include real-time indicators like sales, inventory, and production. By enabling users to customize the information displayed, a configurable dashboard can enhance the user experience. Users can select the KPIs that are relevant to their positions and responsibilities, which increases their productivity and efficiency.

It takes less time and effort to examine data when using a well-designed dashboard to assist users in finding the information they seek. Additionally, personalization can increase users’ sense of ownership of the system. Users are more likely to regularly use a system and become familiar with its features and functionalities when they can customize it to their preferences.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a security tool that restricts users’ access to the ERP tool by their job role. RBAC enhances the ERP user experience by ensuring that users only view the features and information relevant to their roles. Users can concentrate on their tasks, lowering the possibility of mistakes and increasing productivity. By restricting access to critical information, RBAC improves security by lowering the possibility of data breaches and cyberattacks.

Mobile Compatibility

Users today expect to be able to use ERP software from anywhere, at any time, in the digital age. To offer users flexibility and convenience, ERP tools must be mobile device compatible. By enabling users to access the ERP application while on the road, respond to urgent requests, and finish jobs promptly, mobile compatibility enhances the user experience. To make it simpler for users to navigate and accomplish activities, ERP systems should be made to adapt to varied screen sizes and touch-based inputs.

By enabling users to work while on the go, mobile access can also increase productivity. For example, instead of waiting till they get back to the office, salesmen can enter orders while visiting a customer.

Intuitive Forms

Forms are an important factor in ERP systems. They make it possible for users to enter and modify data. Making forms simple to use and straightforward will enhance the user experience. Forms should be created with the user in mind, with clear instructions, validation, and auto-fill where necessary. To make it simple for users to fill out forms in various modules, forms should have a uniform design. Assisting users while they fill out the form, tooltips, context-sensitive information, and error warnings can enhance the ERP user experience.

Fast Performance

The efficiency and performance of ERP systems have a significant impact on the user experience. Users anticipate a prompt, lag-free response from the system to their commands. Slow performance can cause inconvenience and lower productivity. ERP solutions should be tuned for quick performance to enhance the user experience. Reducing network latency, enhancing database performance, and employing optimized code can all help with this. ERP tools can continue to perform fast with regular system maintenance, which includes database tuning and system optimization.

A systematic strategy is necessary to improve the data’s quality. This may involve the establishment of data cleansing procedures, delivering training on best practices for data entry, and setting up data validation standards.

Training and Support

The effectiveness of ERP systems depends on efficient training and support. To utilize the system efficiently, users need to have the necessary knowledge and abilities. Lack of training and support can result in decreased productivity, confusion, and errors.

Due to a lack of proper training, many users have difficulty using ERP tools. Giving users training sessions can assist them in learning how to use the system and manage it efficiently.

There are many different types of training, including classroom instruction and online courses. Whatever the format, it’s crucial to make training simple to use and accessible. Users can study at their own pace if the system offers access to learning resources like a knowledge base or video courses.

Aim for the Ideal End ERP User Experience – Elate ERP software

Make use of Elate for an excellent user experience in ERP software. Elate ERP also provides several automation and integration tools that help in streamlining business operations and minimizing the need for manual labor. For instance, the software can automate basic tasks like inventory management and invoicing, freeing up time for employees to concentrate on higher-value duties.

Elate ERP also integrates with a wide number of other software applications, enabling users to access information and features from other systems without switching between various systems. It provides mobile access and also helps in making customizable dashboards.

The better the design, the less you have to justify your UI. Your user interface is the public face of your brand and has a significant impact on how customers perceive you. It is a disaster in disguise if a user has trouble using your app or website. So always check that your user interface is quick, simple, and readable. Keep an eye out for consistency in the content and clear up any confusion that may develop while using the app. To keep your user interested and delighted, constantly take criticism positively and make changes.

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