7 Things To Look For In The Best Timeshare Company!

Buying a timeshare can bust your wallet. 

High maintenance fees, mortgage, and other charges are pretty heavy

People pay more than $1000 as a maintenance fee for a place they only use for a few weeks each year. People who make the wrong decision of entering into a timeshare contract want a quick exit.

They enter ‘what is the best timeshare exit company?’ on the internet to find the companies that will help them…

There are dozens of timeshare cancellation companies available online. And many of them are pure scams. I don’t want you to fall for a scam or an inefficient cancellation company. 

Hence, I’ve created a checklist for you. It contains the qualities that a timeshare cancellation company should have. Use this checklist when you set out to find the best timeshare cancellation company.

Let’s get started…

7 Top Qualities of the Best Timeshare Companies 

  • Relevant Experience

The first quality that a timeshare company should have is relevant experience.

Timeshare cancellation is a legal process. Not to mention pretty long and complex too. If the company isn’t experienced, your chances of cancelling the timeshare remain low. And I am confident you don’t want that, right?

Thus, always check the history of the company to find the answers to the following questions:

  • When did the company enter the market?
  • Who are its founders?
  • What is its success rate?

You can visit the company’s website to find the answers. If the company has been working for more than 10 years in the market, great! It means that it has the experience of working on different types of timeshare cancellations.

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Let’s move on to the next quality that you should look for, which is…

  • Honest and Upfront  

Timeshare cancellation companies help you exit the timeshare in return for a handsome fee. The amount of fees varies with the company.

Some companies in the market will promise to quickly let you out of the timeshare. They exploit the person’s desperation and charge him with a hefty fee. Beware of such companies that promise you a quick fix.

Timeshare cancellation is a long process. It takes at least 6 months to cancel it. So, don’t fall for the companies that give you an unrealistic timeline.

A reputable and best timeshare cancellation company will be honest about the time it’ll take for a timeshare cancellation. They won’t give you any false hopes or fast solutions. Instead, they’ll discuss your case and let you know of the time it will take them to help you out of the timeshare.

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Let’s talk about the next quality, which is…

  • Offers 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Another quality of the timeshare company is that it offers you a 100% money-back guarantee. The company will return the service fees if it fails to cancel your timeshare in a particular time frame. 

This guarantee makes people less hesitant to consult the company and hire them. Make sure that if the company guarantees 100% money-back, it should be in writing.

Many scam companies promise to return the money, but they never do that. A written promise by the company holds it accountable. It also makes it easy for you to claim your money.

When a company provides a 100% money-back guarantee, it makes sure to help you out of the timeshare. So that it gets to keep the service fees.

Talking about fees and charges brings us to the next quality… 

  • Doesn’t Charge Hidden Or Extra Fees 

Timeshare cancellation companies should give the exact amount of the fees they will charge. There are many companies out there that charge people many times on different accounts. For instance, they will ask for service fees but add extra hidden costs to your total bill.

Avoid selecting the companies that aren’t honest about their charges. Instead, go for the one that gives you the exact rate after discussing your case. The best timeshare cancellation companies do not come to you, again and again, asking for more money.

Before you start working with the company, always ask them about the services included in the fees. If the fee is inclusive of all the services, it’s a good sign. You can trust that company without worrying about paying extra charges.

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Up next, we have…

  • Provides Free Consultation

This is very important!

You have to pay timeshare cancellation companies a pretty good amount. Hence, it’s better if you meet them before finalizing to work with them.

Many good companies offer free consultation. You can visit them and discuss your timeshare contract with them. They will welcome all your questions and guide you about their cancellation process.

And don’t worry, good companies do not push you to hire them for your timeshare cancellation. Nor do they attach any conditions with the free consultation. You can meet them and discuss your timeshare cancellation problems. If you’re satisfied with them, then you can hire them. And if not, you can walk away from them.

The next quality that you should look for is that the timeshare cancellation company should handle all the work for you. Let’s discuss it more below…

  • Handles All The Work For You  

As I mentioned earlier, timeshare is a long and complicated matter. It takes months and sometimes even a year to exit the timeshare. 

Thus, you should opt for a company that not only works as your advisor but handles all your tasks. Cancellation companies that handle all the work for you are the BEST!

They save your time and cut down the stress of handling everything yourself. So, when you decide to hire the company, always ask them about the services that they’ll provide you.

Moving on to the last quality of the best timeshare cancellation company… 

  • Protects Your Credit

Credit scores are very important. They affect your personal and professional life. Hence, you should clear your dues in a timely manner to maintain your good score.

Many timeshare cancellation companies suggest their clients not to pay their dues. Such as the mortgage or maintenance fees while they are working on the timeshare cancellation. 

If you come across any such companies, stay away from them. The good timeshare companies never suggest to their clients anything that could harm their credit score. They will always encourage you to clear all your outstanding dues on time.

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Select The Best Timeshare Cancellation Company…

There you have it, folks!

The top 7 qualities that you should look for when selecting a timeshare cancellation company. I hope this helps you find the best cancellation company to free you from the clutches of the timeshare.

What other qualities do you think timeshare cancellation companies should have? Please share it in the comments below.


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