7 Thrifty Tips When Building Your Dream House

At the end of a long, tiring day, isn’t it nice to just crash into your couch and relax inside your own home where you are free to do everything you want? The only house rules you need to follow are yours. This must be one of our many inspirations for building our own house. Probably someday, you might also want to set up roots! But for now, we all dream of a house that we can call our own. This is the dream, but the reality is that building your own house requires a lot of preparation and yes, saving and spending! If you are worried about being broke upon building your own house, we might be able to give you some help. Here are some economical tips for constructing your house without sacrificing its quality:

1. Check out online shops

As you plan and budget the construction of your home, you would soon realize that a big portion of your expenses would be from the furniture and other accessories in your home. This is why it is important that you already have an idea about what theme your house is going to go for. As early as now, you can check out online shops to see if they have the same furniture that you have been eyeing for your new house. Some reliable sites also offer online thrift store furniture and other home equipment that you might need.

The benefit of shopping for furniture, storage, and decorations online is that you can score good pieces that might not be available anywhere else. Browsing for inspiration on the web can inspire some ideas for your kitchen, garage, or bedroom. You may even find decorative items to beautify your garden, such as railing planters, storage benches, and classy yet affordable outdoor furniture. As you buy these items online, you might even be given tips on how to best use them!

2. Be wise when choosing a contractor

Choosing the right contractor that will build your house can be a slippery slope. Those who offer high rates may give you a certain reassurance that nothing will go wrong with your house, but this is not always the case. On top of that, we do not want to spend all our money on a contractor, do we? If the price is too low, it seems too good to be true that it becomes scary.

If you want to find the best builders in Townsville, don’t settle for talking with one contractor only. Search for other contractors and get to know their bids. This is to make sure that you will get nothing but the best bid possible. A good contractor will be easy to talk to, will respect your budget, and can still deliver your dream house well. After choosing a good contractor, ask for references that will vouch for your contractor’s work. We cannot stress how important it is to seek a good contractor, because a single mistake about your house’s construction will cost you lots of money to renovate.

3. Choose open floor plans

To save up more money, especially when your long-term plan is still vague, it is best to choose an open floor plan. This allows you to use up your space in a lot of ways. You do not have to worry about these spaces being too cluttered even if they can be used in a lot of ways. Thankfully, open plans ensure that you will not feel cramped. You should also think about investing in open areas that will be conducive for a lot of activities like working, exercising, entertaining guests, and more! This allows you for a simple and budget-friendly home.

You can save a lot of money from opting for these floor plans because you do not need to spend on interior walls, hallways, doors, and other things.

4. Stick to your budget

Before you ever decide and build your house, you surely have decided on a reasonable budget. The challenge is to stick to this—and firmly! You may get excited and caught up with the endless things that you can do with your house, but you should always rein yourself in and stick to what you need, what you can, and what you want. Seek the help of financial planners to ensure your budget for the construction. You can also talk to real estate agents.

5. Canvass as many appliances for more options

Another thing that can take up most of your budget is your appliances. Usually, your contractors will be the ones to offer you appliance packages from those with whom they have a contract or endorsement. You can consider their offer, but you should also go out of your way and do research and canvass from different appliance stores. It would not hurt for you to have more options and save up some money.

6. Do the legwork

Now that we talked about it, the same thing is no different from when you are looking for other materials. Try to shop around and check out more materials from different stores and malls. You might find something you like that is cheaper or maybe something that can serve as an alternative.

7. Do some DIYs

Sure, we have contractors that will build the entire house for us. However, if you want to save up, you can do some less complicated installations on your own. If you think you can do it, then you no longer need your contractor to do it. You can save up a little by doing this.

Know what you need and want

Here are just some of the tips about saving up when building a house that can greatly help you. Sure, we all want to have a good and comfortable house, but not at the cost of our overspending. This is why we need to be clear about what we need and what we want!


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