7 tips to cope with separation

Seeing how a relationship ends is almost always a crisis that you have to know how to manage.

Among the experiences that can cause us more pain to human beings is divorce or separation, which can affect an entire family (parents and children) and which can cause wounds that, sometimes, are difficult to mend.

Disputes over the custody of the children or the assets of the couple often cause even more suffering after a divorce, making this situation a complicated grieving process. In this article, you can find precise tips to deal with separation and Trennung überwinden.

How to deal with separation

And it is the difficulty of living out the divorce in our own body that many times we can feel that the pain is unbearable. The psychological consequences of divorce are multifaceted, in most cases: low self-esteem, depression, and sadness, as well as anxiety or guilt, anger, and other emotions often appear. However, at this stage, there are other consequences at the family and economic levels that may severely complicate the recovery.

If you are experiencing separation, in the following lines, we will provide 7 tips that will help you face separation in a more adaptive way.

  1. Accept the reality 

No one likes to go through this painful stage, but there are some things in life that we cannot change. When we are separated from our spouse, we leave many memories and habits, and we even share our closest relationship in it. Accepting that everything will no longer be the same is complicated, but it is necessary to regain happiness.

When we want to overcome separation, acceptance is the starting point; otherwise, we may be dazzled by negative emotions such as anger or guilt. Understanding the emotional pain we feel at this moment, realizing that it is part of life, and if we deal with it well, it can even make us grow. This is the right way to overcome this delicate moment.

  1. Avoid isolation

In these difficult times, it is normal to be in a bad mood. If you love the person who is separated from you, you may be depressed and sometimes even cry. These emotions are normal, but they must be managed correctly so as not to fall into isolated errors. Staying away from everyone is a way to approach the symptoms of sadness and depression.

Emotional expression is a good way to get rid of emotional burden: this is called catharsis. At this time, it is best to have relatives around you who can provide support to overcome the separation.

  1. Learn from divorce

Unpleasant experiences help us grow, so don’t recreate in a negative situation, but use separation to learn and grow as a person. You may not see it in the first moments, but if you can handle the sad process well, you can become stronger from this situation. Now that you are separated, take this opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do. Fight for your personal development.

  1. Do something to fulfill you

Happiness has a lot to do with those moments when we engage in pleasant activities; those moments that make us feel good. Our habits and positive attitudes allow us to spend fulfilling moments and allow us to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. For example, participating in sports is the key to reducing separation stress or anxiety, and it helps to improve the mood and self-esteem impaired after divorce.

In addition, outdoor activities are also very important, because scientific research shows that sunlight (provided that exposure to a healthy environment) increases the vitamin D in our body. This vitamin has a positive effect on the normal functioning of the immune system and increases the production of endorphins, which are endogenous substances related to happiness.

  1. Don’t indulge in finding another partner

Divorce can cause great discomfort, and some people feel that they have the urge to provide another person for the couple. Although it sometimes seems that the phrase “one nail nails another nail” is right, it is actually not the case, because it is important to regain the emotional balance to make the right decisions and re-establish relationships.

When we feel a huge emptiness due to separation, it is easy to believe that we will fill the gap with another person soon. When we realize that this is not the case, we become frustrated, which increases our discomfort. It is important to feel good about yourself before starting a new relationship.

  1. Take EQ courses

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important psychological paradigms in recent times because scientific research shows that it provides many benefits, among which, it can improve people’s happiness. You should use Trennungsphasen  and Emotional intelligence which is composed of five elements: self-awareness, emotional regulation, self-motivation, empathy, and social skills. Some institutions offer courses or workshops so that people can develop emotional skills to gain happiness.

  1. Go to a psychiatrist

Sometimes it is recommended to see a psychiatrist, because divorce is not easy, especially when there are certain conflicts (for example, legal disputes). Expert psychologists in divorce treatment provide tools that allow you to deal with this situation in a healthy way, thereby regaining emotional balance, self-esteem, and managing guilt, resentment, and other negative emotions that cannot be overcome by divorce.

Where can I find an expert psychologist in separation and divorce?

If you agree with the previous statement and feel that the divorce is over, there are different psychology and psychotherapy clinics in German that specialize in couples treatment, which can help you overcome the situation you are experiencing.

How to overcome crisis effectively, accept this delicate situation, and recover emotionally if you put yourself in the right place. These clinics provide psychotherapy and have a large team of professionals who are experts in marriage and divorce treatment. Meetings with these professionals can provide you with positive resources and indispensable tools to help you find yourself in this transition phase, allowing you to regain strength, confidence, and happiness in these changing moments.