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More than being places to have fun while looking to win some money, casinos are also places where you can enjoy comforts and luxuries from the casino itself, so long as you earn it. These benefits are commonly known as comps, which refer to complimentary items and services provided by the casino to its loyal players to encourage them to gamble. They may come in the form of food and drinks, rooms, or in online casinos, cashback and free spins, among others.

Slot machines are undeniably one of the most popular games in any casino, and playing slots consistently can help you earn comps. Whether you’re playing in real life or online, here are some ways you can boost your comps when playing slots, and some off-the-game techniques you can implement.

Find the Right Casino

The first thing you need to do before committing to a casino and working to boost your comps is finding the right casino. Not all casinos are the same, and some are more generous with their comps than others. 

Research on prospective casinos from online review sites that offer detailed reviews of various casinos and the benefits they offer. By finding a casino that is inherently more generous when it comes to giving player comps, you’ve already given yourself a boost without betting anything.

Know How the System Works

Once you’ve settled in a casino, you should next learn how you’re being comped. Each casino has a distinct formula and method for determining how they reward players, but generally take into consideration your bet size, the game’s house edge, your playing time, and your VIP status.

Take these things into consideration and seek to maximize the value you put in in order to have the best possible yield when it comes to the comps that you receive.

Work to Increase Your VIP Status

Your VIP status is something you should keep watch on if you want to truly boost your comps. A casino’s VIP program is generally arranged into tiers and your position is normally determined by the stakes you play, how much you play, and your loyalty to the casino.

If you want to get the best comps, you should be playing at the highest stakes you can afford and you should be playing as much as you can every time you’re in the casino. Plus, it’s best to stick to one casino and work your way up there so you conserve your budget.

Keep Yourself Updated

You should be signing up to a casino’s newsletter and email list as much as possible to stay informed of their offers and events that you can take advantage of. Try to show up as much as possible on these opportunities so that you can score on the newest deals such as loyalty point boost events.

Apart from signing up to your casino’s newsletter and providing them your contact details, you should also be following them in their social media pages so you’re sure that you won’t be missing anything. Furthermore, it also wouldn’t hurt if you make it a habit to visit your casino’s website regularly so you could be the first to know about what they have going on.

Bet Big at the Right Moments

When you’re playing at land-based casinos, you should be looking to show off, especially when important people are watching, such as when you’re in the presence of the pit boss. Land-based casinos rate you through how the pit boss tracks your playing habits.

However, pit bosses are always busy throughout the day, and you’re not the only one that they pay attention to. You’d want to only show off when you’re sure that you have the attention of the pit boss not just to save your money but also to leave an impression on the pit boss which can eventually help you improve your reputation and thus boost your comps.

Look Like You’re Losing

Giving out comps is the casino’s way to retain its clients despite the money that their clients lose when they play. Casinos especially want to keep their big spenders who seemingly just keep on gambling whatever the results are.

As much as possible, don’t show off how much you’re winning. In fact, try to make it appear that you’re just virtually giving your money to the casino, and make others think that you’re leaving with less than what you actually have. However, make sure that you’re careful as you don’t want to upset the casino.  By visitning this site you can know about esc online app.

Get in the Casino’s Good Graces

When you’re playing in a real-life casino, don’t just confine yourself to your game. Talk to the casino staff and even to the pit boss. Also, be generous with your tips and spend big outside your bets.

For example, if you’re going with a group, get a round in or buy dinner for everyone to make it appear that you’re a big spender. Furthermore, having the pit boss know who you are can go a long way in establishing a good reputation and improving the comps you receive. 

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