7 Ways to Revamp Your Living Space

Have you lately started wondering why you don’t feel at home in your own room? We have all been there – the sudden epiphany of realising that our rooms not only don’t reflect who we are, but sometimes, they represent someone else’s personality entirely! It is not just a matter of whim to desire so. Living in a room that you can relate to makes it more relaxing and comfortable.

So, do whatever it takes – unfurl new carpets on the floor, install some chic window panes and vertical blinds, replace the bright, white light – to transform your room!

Not sure where to start? Take a glance at this list for some ideas to kickstart the revamp.

  • Furniture

A room will have a lot of furniture such as a sofa, bed, table, desk, etc. You need to ask yourself if you require every piece of furniture that is present in a room. Sometimes, rearranging the position of the furnishings can give off a completely different look to the room. 

If you prefer more space, it is worthwhile to invest in more miniature furniture with multiple functions, such as a bed stand functioning as a study table. There are tons of options out there. But before you make a purchase, explore old pieces of furniture that may be lying hidden in the attic or garage.

  • Plants

Plants are probably the best and most inexpensive investments that you can make to spruce up a living space. They are proven to have many undeniable qualities that can positively impact a person living close to them. Additionally, they add colour and shape to the room. Instead of going for large trees, choose smaller individual plants. This way, you can place them strategically as per choice.

1. Windows and Blinds

Windows are often neglected when it comes to re-decorating a room. But they hold a great potential to give the room an identity. While reinstalling a new window of a different style might not be feasible for most, you can always change the window pane’s style and colour to match the room’s colour.

An element of even greater importance in this revamping endeavour is the blinds or curtains that complement the windows. You can choose geometric curtain panels, vertical blinds, transparent sheers, etc., that blend or contrast with the room.

  • Wallpapers

Do you want to transform your room into a sophisticated and posh chilling hub? If so, wallpapers are your best bet! They are available in all shapes and sizes with some great patterns and designs. You will indeed find the ones that resonate with your choice. 

All you have to do is peel and stick them on the desired surface. These wallpapers can be removed as and when required, making them an excellent choice for renters wanting to personalise their space. Not only walls but you can also decorate almost any furniture with them.

  • Lighting

There is hardly anything more potent than the lighting to transform a room. It’s a budget-friendly way to revamp any space, be it at home or in the office. Have you ever wondered why hospitals are so brightly lit up while a pub has the exact opposite light setting? You’re right. The type of lighting depends on the function and directly sets the mood and tone of the room. 

If you want to make your room feel more soothing, experiment with floor or table lamps, string lights, suspending bulbs, etc. You can place them at different heights to create a cosy vibe.

So, if you’d like to revamp your room, fold up your sleeves and get working websites! Once you start, creative ideas will come rolling down your sleeves.


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