7 Wedding Jewelry Protocol Every Woman Should Know!

Wedding jewelry is a quintessential part of the bridal trousseau. In fact, it is what makes you look really special on your important day. However, before you start buying your jewelry it is important to keep certain aspects in mind. These wedding protocols as we like to call them will help you create a look that’s both balanced and beautiful. Buy online bridal jewelry in India.

Plan for the different occasions

A wedding usually means different events and rituals that are celebrated over a few days. As jewelry is expensive, some brides try to repeat the pieces they wear. Try not to repeat your jewelry, in fact, it is better to plan different sets of jewelry for the different events at the wedding. You can opt for pearls for one look, choose gold or silver for the main event, and opt for polki for sangeet. What you choose for each occasion, can be decided on the basis of your attire for each of the occasions. While this may seem like an expensive proposition, do keep in mind to balance real gold and diamond jewelry with well-crafted handmade low-cost jewelry options too. You may also like to take the inputs of your mother and mother in law, and plan jewelry, as certain pieces may be mandatory depending on the culture you hail from.

Strike a balanced look

While it can be very tempting to match your jewelry completely to your attire, this isn’t a smart thing to do. In fact, this can spoil your wedding look. Rather, go for pieces that complement your bridal attire, and make both the wedding dress and jewelry look grand. Also strike a balance between your attire and jewelry in a manner that heavy jewelry is paired with attires that don’t have much embroidery, while lighter jewelry is paired with blouses that are heavily embroidered. This enables enough attention to be garnered by both.

Learn to layer your necklaces

Layering your necklaces right can really enhance the beauty of the Indian bride. However, many make the mistake of buying antique necklaces that don’t complement each other. It is important to purchase right. This means that the length of your necklaces when layered should complement your body type and your attire. Also, the layered necklaces should be similar in color or material, for a balanced look. Finally, keep your neckline in mind, when you set about layering necklaces, such that no discord is created.

Don’t go overboard

Because it’s your big day, doesn’t mean that you need to buy the biggest pair of earrings or finger rings there are. Choose the size of your earrings based on your face shape and other pieces of jewelry. If you plan on sporting a large maang tika or heavy necklaces, you can go easy on the earrings Indian. Alternatively, you can buy big earrings for a different ritual at the wedding, and create a balanced look.

Don’t overload yourself with jewelry

Weddings are a time when over-enthusiastic family members and friends may gift you jewelry that also adds on to what you’ve purchased. Ensure that you don’t overload yourself with all the jewelry that may ultimately affect your look. If you do have to wear the jewelry, choose different occasions and plan smartly so that you are able to look radiant and also wear the jewelry gifted to you.

Keep your body shape and face shape in mind

Varying the length and style of your jewelry can enhance your appeal. On the other hand, choosing jewelry just on the basis of trends without keeping your face shape and body type in mind can hamper your look. With different forms of jewelry crafted for different people, choose what compliments you best. Also, when it comes to colors, pick up jewelry that compliments your skin tone.

Don’t follow trends blindly

While classic and antique jewelry is the best bet for weddings, some brides do love to experiment with their look and step out of their comfort zone. While following trends set by film stars and celebrities may give some good results, this isn’t the case all the time. So rather than simply following a trend that your favorite celebrity has started, choose on the basis of what suits you.


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