8 Awesome Atlanta Sites That You Must Not Miss for The World

As we all get vaccinated, traveling is back on the list for most people. Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the prime locations for tourism. Millions of people around the world visit this energetic city with loads of activities. Atlanta is recognized for its stunning skyline, lush trees, soulful southern food, and friendly residents. It has also played an essential role in our country’s history, including a significant role in the Civil War Movement in the 1960s. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of fascinating things to do in Atlanta, GA – whether you’re coming to explore Atlanta’s historical origins and black culture or you’re seeking to enjoy the city’s large outdoor parks. If you are planning to go here soon, here are some awesome things to do in New York of the South:

Six Flags White Waters

If you have never spent a summer vacation in Atlanta, brace yourself with the hot temperature – especially during July and August. Now, being in scorching heat doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. If things get too hot, drive to Six Flags. This water-based theme park is exactly what you need to cool off. From lazy rivers to splash parks and wave pools, Six Flags is everything you need for a perfect summer day. Also, while it is perfectly normal to go by yourself, remember that this is a family park. You can enjoy it with your friends and even children. The entire park is facilitated with all that you need for a perfect trip. Just pack your essentials.

Candler Park Music Festival

Atlanta has so much to offer in terms of music – frankly, some of the best musicians are from the city. If you are experiencing a combination of excitement and melody, just know that Candler Park Music Festival is back in action. The festivities started in June. They are still adjusting to the government requirements, so you need to keep track of the schedule. One of the best ways to enjoy the concert is by keeping tabs on the website for all the official updates. No one likes to show up for something that is not present. Also, make sure to follow your SOPs to keep yourself safe.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden will be open after a mega transformation for a wholly new and different exhibition. They have decided to name it SUPERnatural: Aerial Art in Motion, Glass Art in Bloom. Perfect for people of all types, you can plan a perfect day out with the family here. Whether you are looking for a nice calm picnic with the love of your life or a cocktail party with a few close friends, this is definitely one of the best and most eye-captivating places. Dream Flora is a customized billowing over the Storza Woods – a perfect spot for all those Instagram pictures. Other than that, they have over 150 glass floral sculptures placed beautifully across the garden. If you are looking for nature and peace, this is one of the best attractions in Atlanta.

West Midtown Golf Course

If you spend your summers at various beaches around the east coast, you’ve probably spent some breezy nights battling for mini-golf supremacy with your friends and family. Puttshack Atlanta is an upmarket, tech-infused mini-golf experience that will be calling your name all summer long, so you don’t have to go on a full-fledged vacation to get some good putt-putt in. After 8 p.m., it’s exclusively available to Atlantans 21 and above, so spend a couple of your summer nights exploring all Puttshack Atlanta has to offer. Take your parents for their retirement party here and score a few pits with your old man here.

Escape Game – The Battery

We all love a little bit of thrill in our lives. And when the thrill belongs to some of the best escape rooms in the South, who would miss this opportunity. We are talking about The Escape Game at The Battery. Atlanta is home to some of the most challenging escape rooms of all time. You can play a ton of different games like breaking out of prison and performing a heist. There are different difficulty levels to choose from to pick something according to their liking. This isn’t even the most challenging part of this trip. One of the most complex parts is to determine the room that you want to try first. We suggest a simple eenie meenie miney mo would do the trick.

Ponce City Market

Nothing truly depicts the fun of summer-like carnival-style activities, stunning sunset vistas, and alcohol-fueled nighttime adventures. Fortunately, the Roof at Ponce City Market offers all of these and more. Whether you want to channel your inner adolescence, learn how to create cocktails that will impress your home visitors at this summer’s house parties, or grab a bite while looking at the stunning Atlantan skyline. Whatever you do, if you want to see magic, do not miss a trip to the Roof at Ponce City Market. Who knows this is where he finally decides to put a ring on you!?

High Museum of Art

For art enthusiasts and color junkies, the High Museum of Art is one of the little heavens on Earth. Multiple exhibitions, including focusing on environment and planets, American history, female empowerment, and many more. Buy a pass for $4 monthly, and you can enter the museum any time. If you think that’s a treat, temporary visitors and tourists should visit the museum on Second Sundays when the entry is entirely free. Although the High Museum of Art welcomes everyone, we still think that this is an excellent place for a date. Send your kids away for a fun-filled day with the babysitter while you enjoy paintings, creativity with a glass of wine.

Stone Mountain Park

When planning a vacation to Atlanta, Stone Mountain is unquestionably at the top of the list. Who wouldn’t want to lace up their shoes and tackle this mountain built with unique materials – well, one-of-a-kind because mountains aren’t often made of granite. There’s a reason Stone Mountain is one of Georgia’s most popular and visited attractions. This 825-foot granite mountain, only a 30-minute easy drive from Atlanta, offers one of the most incredible tourist sights in the country. Go on a hike while exploring the rare plantation and explore Stone Mountain Park‘s heights on a chair lift. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and take your snacks to the top. For dates, spend a night on top of the mountain, watch the sunset, and rise behind the enchanting skyline of Atlanta.


Atlanta is one of the best and most energetic cities in Georgia. Known as New York of the South, you simply cannot go to Georgia and miss this wonderful place. Other than the World of Coca-Cola or the Georgia Aquarium, there are plenty of sites to see and explore. There is something for everyone from outdoor adventures at Stone Mountain to cozy indoor events at the Art Museum. Even if you are short on time, there are still plenty of summer recreational activities to explore. Make sure to follow COVID SOPs while you are on the go!


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