8 Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Encounter

Did you know that there are 161,600 roofers in the United States? Many homeowners need to hire a professional for their home roofing repair. If you want to learn about common roofing repairs, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over typical roofing problems to expect.

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1. Inadequate Roof Ventilation

Vents will get placed at the base of the roof and the top of the roof. The warm air will leave through the top vents, and cool air gets drawn through the lower vents.

Proper ventilation will help regulate moisture levels and temperature. If you don’t have decent ventilation, moisture will end up damaging the shingles and insulation.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

A strong wind will end up prying off the metal flashing and could destabilize your roof. Also, too much sun could cause breakage or crack.

After a bad storm, it’s common to lose a few shingles. Damaged or lifted shingles will end up letting water into your home.

3. Branches Can Damage the Roof

You should make sure you cut back any tree branches that lean over your roof. A high-speed wind could end up tearing down a tree and damaging your roof.

4. Leaking Roof

A roof leak could end up causing significant water damage. Leaks can occur even from a fairly solid roof.

Make sure you watch out for any mold stains on your attic ceiling or a strange odor. If you think you have a leak, bring in a reputable roofing contractor.

To prevent leaks, you should also get an inspection done throughout the year. This way, the roofing professional will be able to point out potential issues.

5. Worn or Broken Flashing

Metal flashing on the roof will begin to break down over time. If a catastrophic storm hits or if your roofing system’s old, you should inspect your flashing.

Flashing will need to get replaced or repaired.

6. Broken Gutters

Downspouts or gutters that fall away from your home can damage the structure. A damaged gutter will end up causing water to enter your home or roof.

You should make sure you inspect your downspouts and gutters. You might need to unclog the gutter and get rid of the debris.

7. Rotten Soffit or Fascia Board

The overhang on your house can become a target for water damage. An ice dam could disrupt the soffit or fascia board. The board could begin to detach from the bigger structure. If you have roofing problem in your home and you are looking for the best solution contact ‘commercial roofing company.

Rot will start to spread. Birds and squirrels will create nests in the eaves.

8. Many Roofing Layers

Roofing layers can cause issues as well. Too many layers will add extra weight to your roofing structure. Your roof might not withstand the different layers.

Now You Know About Common Roofing Problems

We hope this guide on roofing problems was helpful. Now that you know about common roofing issues make sure you inspect your roof often. Look out for damaged shingles, clogged gutters, and rotten fascia board.

Are you looking for more homeowner tips? Check out our resources on the blog.


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