8 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

The pandemic has made us realize the power of the Internet. Series of lockdowns and social isolation has forced every business to pivot and completely change its operation. Businesses moved their services and products online while their employees work remotely. Thus, in the past two years, digital presence became a big hit.

If you are still wondering how you can use the Internet these days, here are the top digital marketing tips for 2021.

Video Content Marketing

Today, most of the Internet traffic is into video content marketing. Moreover, more than 50% of consumers prefer brands with more video content. Thus, it is best to prioritize having videos to portray your brand and tone. Make it more impactful to reach a wider scope of your target market.

Voice Search

Although voice search is not yet a part of the search engine algorithm, it helps dictate the search results. Moreover, there is increased use of digital personal assistants for mobile users. Thus, marketers expect voice search to become one of the components for search queries.

Social Media Marketing

Most people spend most of their time on the Internet and social media. If you build an online presence through social media, it would be easy to reach your target market. You can engage with them and keep them posted, resulting in increased leads and revenue.

Your target audience can quickly know what your business offers through your social media pages. Moreover, your clients may post feedback and reviews of your business on social media.


Today, influencers have the most impact on consumers. These micro-influencers have a high number of followers and posts engaging quality content on their social media platforms. They can be started on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube celebrities.

Hiring an influencer to promote your product is one of the trends these days. Their followers trust them. Thus, the opinion they convey influences their target audience’s behaviors.

Local SEO and Google Listings

If you still manage a physical store, like a laundromat in the neighborhood, it is best to increase walk-in customers. Build your online presence to verify and make it to the local listings on various search platforms. When your target consumers search for your services, the information includes your service hours and geographical location.

AI Chatbots

During the pandemic, AI chatbots have become a great help in delivering information and support to customers. Chatbots can answer inquiries from customers in natural language processing, the same with the customer service agents.

Live Streaming

As video content marketing is now a trend, live streaming is its extension. If you go on live, your target consumers can tune into your streaming wherever they are. For example, some restaurants are keeping consumers engaged by teaching free cooking classes.

Establish Brand Partnerships

Today, several brand collaborations are happening. These collaborations capture the media’s attention and generate social buzz. Cross-marketing allows you to gain more customers from other market bases.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is continuously changing. Businesses should cope up with the trend to reach out more to their target audience. Create relevant content and optimize them for search engines.


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