8 Tips for Celebrating a Birthday Party on a Budget

Making and planning parties is fun for many, however, not everyone has the budget to carry out the celebration they want so much. But don’t be depressed! Everything has a solution, there are many ways to organize a fun party that everyone likes without having to spend all your savings.

What is the most important?

It may seem like a silly question, but the truth is that to organize a low-budget party you must be aware of exactly what you want in it, so once you have organized all your priorities and those of the people who are going to accompany you, you can dedicate yourself to executing your creative plan.

Party in the house

You are going to save a lot of money if you celebrate a birthday at home, however, if you live in a very small apartment, you can talk to a relative or friend to lend you their house for the day of the celebration. If it is an intimate celebration with few people, surely everyone knows each other and there will be no problem using a house that is not yours.

Who will attend?

This is an important topic since from this moment you must start budgeting for the rest of the party. Try to ensure that only those people who are really important to you or to the family member for whom you are planning the meeting attend the birthday, with this, you will not only cut bills but you will be able to dedicate more time to the attendees.


Buying invitations made or having them made is not mandatory on the list. A practical and modern option is to send them by email or private messages on one of the most used social networks (Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp). If you prefer them physically you can do them on your own, the truth is quite simple and there are many options.

What to offer?

You don’t want your guests to starve, but the food doesn’t have to be fancy. You can do it very simply, a practical idea is to bake several pizzas, make hot dogs for everyone or different sweet and savory snacks such as mini sandwiches, wraps, skewers and even cupcakes, everyone will be fascinated!

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Fun at home

Home entertainments like private cinema, karaoke or games are ideal for sharing. Private cinema hire is one of the best options for celebrating a birthday on a budget. Moreover, if you plan a time for singing, have several songs, speakers, and a microphone ready. With the help of the internet, it is super easy to get karaoke videos, you don’t have to spend anything and if you don’t have a microphone, you can ask one of the guests in advance for the day of the party. 


Homemade balloons and garlands will always be an option for those who want to cut costs at a party. You can make flowers out of them or inflate them and tape them to the ceiling, this will save you money on helium, as helium is often expensive in some places.

To blow out the candles

The birthday cake is essential at a party, so you have several options for it: you can make it at home with simple recipes that are easy to get. The other option is to order it as a birthday present to one of those friends who you know makes great cakes, if the party is for someone else, you can ask all your friends to collaborate.

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Follow all these tips and if you want to get an idea of something useful to you, you can review our blog section, you will surely find tips that will help you in your savings plan. Good luck and success!


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