9 factors for choosing a restaurant in Korea

In addition to food quality, taste and service will be important factors that make a restaurant successful. Another important thing that determines the destiny of the business whether it will survive or not is choosing a restaurant location.

Did you know that not every area is suitable as a location for a restaurant? Good locations are harder to find than many people think. Sometimes the area is adjacent to the road in the bustling city center. Maybe it’s the point that people get ignored the most. At the same time, the location that you think, however, no one should pass. It could turn out to be a hugely profitable area for shop owners. Let’s keep these 9 factors in mind when choosing where to shop before deciding to start a shop!

  1. Do you know who our customers are?

Some locations are crowded but may not be suitable for our store if those people are not the customers we are looking for. However, before choosing any location, we must always know who we will sell. In that location, is there a group of our customers? Howthe behavior isthe best way to find information is to sit in a restaurant like ours and observe a group of customers? Another is to find information in that area such as how many office buildings is there? Where do these people go for lunch? How many people pass through the store?

  1. Parking must be enough.

We all have laziness hidden within us. So are your customers. If they could choose, no one would want to be tired of walking long distances to go to eat we  all have to choose comfort first unless Your store is located in a city with public transport or near the train station Or is it an area where people walk together? But if your restaurant is in the suburbs that  need to drive to eat only Parking is essential or if your shop doesn’t have enough space to make a parking lot. Let’s try to consider that. Is there a parking area that can be parked in that area? We recommend you best 맛집 for general use. You can visit our site by clicking on this highlighted link. Indeed you will get much info from our recommended site.

  1. Notice, it is available.

A good location is where people tend to notice it. Maybe it’s a place where people walk in a crowd or is the area where the car travels frequently or if your shop has to go into the alley a bit. It may be possible to use a large store sign on the roadside to make people pass by to feel familiar even today; he may not have decided to enter the store but at least He can easily remember the name and location of your store. In other words, it’s like running a free advertisement.

  1. Size/who said it doesn’t matter?

Even if you only want to run a small shop like a coffee shop or bakery, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about the size of the store. You must not forget that inside the shop, there must be enough proportions for the kitchen, a refrigerator, a shelf for raw materials including making a small office space for working with your documents. or if it is a restaurant There should be an area for sitting and waiting in line or bar area before entering the shop, Therefore, before deciding on a location Try to plan well. Is this area really enough?

  1. Get to know your neighbors

Before deciding on any location, you must not forget to collect information about the stores in that area. What business is he doing? If there are already 5-6 people doing the same business as you, then you need to come back and consider that. Will there be strength to fight those shops or not? Also, need to look better. Most of the shops in the area are quiet or bustling, and if it’s bustling, you’re more likely to be successful.


  1. Too luxurious is not good.

Many shop owners decide to shop in a remote location. In order to get a spacious, large space for investing in a luxurious, stylish store, but did you know that? Such an investment can be in vain. Because customers probably won’t be able to eat in a restaurant like this often. Most of them will choose to go for special occasions only, so ask yourself if this kind of investment is worth it or not.

  1. be careful of rent that can sprout.

Many people even gave up when they later learned that In addition to the shop rent that has to be paid every month. There are still some miscellaneous expenses growing along with the rent especially the central In the case of renting a shop under an apartment or condo, so before deciding to rent anywhere. You should ask carefully if there is any additional cost, if negotiable, do it quickly.

Don’t be impulsive

Many people immediately made up their minds. After seeing only one favorable location such a quick decision may not be good for your business. You should consider that location. At each time of the day carefully, slowly notice when people tend to pass by. Some places are very crowded during working days. It’s possible to be very lonely on weekends, so it’s best to calm down and make your own decisions.

Make a plan before signing the contract.

Before you sign a rental agreement you have to plan well beforehand. If your restaurant is not as profitable as you think how do you have a backup plan to pay your rent in full? Even if it doesn’t sound like auspiciousness but it can’t be careless. It’s best to start with a contract just a year or two ago if the business goes well then gradually change to sign for a long time.


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