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Do you know on an average we spend 25 years of life in sleeping? The current world record for a person going without sleep is 264 hours, which is equal to 11 days. Amazed right? Yes it’s true. 

Sleep is an intriguing topic itself and has lot of surprising facts. So, in this article we are taking you through 9 most interesting facts about sleep which you may not know. 

1. You might be sleep deprived if you fall asleep before or within 5 minutes –

The ideal time it takes to fall asleep is 15 to 20 minutes. If a person sleeps within five minutes when he/she goes to bed then there are chances that he/ she may be suffering from sleep deprivation, if this happens on a daily basis. 

2. There are two peaks of fatigue in a day –

The two timings at which most of the people feel tired is at 2 pm and at 2 am. Especially after lunch the mind is less alert and people end up feeling drowsy. 

3. Sleep gets affected by a full moon –

You must be thinking what is the significance of a full moon in sleep? What does it do? Based on a research study done in 2013 it is said that there is a lunar cycle of 29.5 days. It means that when there is a full moon people go to bed later than usual but also have a sound and deep sleep at this time. 

4. Before introduction of colour TV people used to dream in black and white –

Today, 75% of the people dream in colour but this started when colour TV was introduced. When black and white TV existed people used to dream in black and white only. There were only 15% people that dreamt in colour before the introduction of colour TV. Hearing this, now you are surely going to pay more attention to the colours you see while dreaming. 

5. 50% of people forget dreams in 5 minutes –

Many times we struggle to recall what we saw in our dreams last night but fail to do so. You might not hear but its normal human behavior as 50% of people forget their dreams in 5 minutes after waking up.

6. Easy internet access is the biggest sleep distraction –

Youngsters would not be able to relate with this point but this is a fact. Having a smooth internet connection can distract you from sleeping. It is seen that in adolescents there was an increase in long time sleep deprivation, daytime sleepiness and feeling fatigued the whole time. Having full time internet access induced more leisure time resulting in loss of sleep. 

7. Monday morning blues accounts to a ‘social jet lag’-

We all have that Monday morning blues where we can’t get out of bed but blame the social jet lag for it. On the weekend our sleep schedules get altered, that’s why people experience a social jet lag. This problem is experienced by adolescents mostly.

8. The position in which you sleep indicates your personality –

There are many positions that people tend to sleep in. Some sleep in a supine position, some on the stomach, some sideways but the astonishing fact is that the position you may be sleeping in indicates your personality. In total, there are six positions that people sleep in, and the most usual of them is the foetus position.

9. People who wake up early are more likely to be successful –

It is said that people who adhere to a fixed sleep schedule and have their sleep routine sorted will be more successful in their career. Sleeping on time and waking up early keeps you active throughout the day and you don’t feel fatigued. In this way, you are able to concentrate on your work better. 

By going through these facts, you must be wondering about sleep differently. It must have framed a different perspective. So next time when you are about to doze, remember these facts. Last but not least since sleep plays vital role in our health & well being. Hence, it is very important to choose right bedding solution especially right mattress.

Happy Sleeping!!


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