9 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Your Eye Cream

Eye creams were once overlooked in the top-selling skin care products. The small, but powerful best eye cream for puffiness is getting more attention. An eye cream can help with dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet.

You could make some mistakes when using this essential skin care product, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced user. Find out which eye cream to use correctly and how to adjust your usage to maximize the benefits of this essential skin care product. These are the mistakes that you should avoid when applying eye cream.

1. You Are Not Using The Best Eye Cream Formula For Your Skin

Eye creams, like all skin care products, are made to address different issues. You want to get the best results so make sure you choose an eye cream that suits your skin’s needs. Choose an eye cream that will brighten the under-eye area if this is your main concern.

2. Applying Products Outside Of Order

To ensure that your products work best, it is important to know the correct order in which you should apply your skincare. It is important to remember that products should be applied based on their texture or thickness. Your moisturizer should be applied after your eye cream if it is thicker or heavier than your moisturizer. It’s okay to use it after moisturizer if it’s lighter.

Always read the directions on the packaging of your eye cream to find out what the cosmetic chemists responsible for formulating it advised.

3. Use Eye Cream Only Twice A Day

You should moisturize your skin at least twice daily. Make sure to also use your eye cream every morning and evening.

The serum is formulated with hyaluronic to increase skin moisture retention and caffeine to reduce morning puffiness. Use the triple roller applicator to apply the serum to the eye contours (top and bottom). This can be done during both your AM and PM routines. You can tap in any leftover serum with your fingertips until you’re satisfied.

4. Applying Eye Cream To Dry Skin

Your skin should be damp to get the best skin-replenishing effects from your eye cream. This is because applying cream to damp or wet skin can lock in moisture, keeping it moisturized and soft. To add moisture, you can dab your skin with a damp, cold cloth under your eyes before applying your cream.

5. Don’t Use Too Much Product

Because the area around your eyes is very small, a pea-sized eye cream should be sufficient to cover both of them. You’ll want to get the best value for your money if you use an expensive eye cream.

6. Applying Eye Cream Too Close To Your Eyes

Applying eye cream too close or near your lashline can cause irritation and eye damage. To ensure safety, apply the cream along your orbital bone just below your eyebrows and under your eyes in an oval shape, about half an inch below the lash line.

7. Do Not Use A Gentle Touch

Because the skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your face it’s important to not handle it rough. Use gentle tapping and patting motions to blend the eye cream with your ring finger, which has a delicate touch.

8. Rushing The Process

Before you move on to the next step of your routine, your eye cream must have time to settle before you apply any other products. This will ensure that the product is absorbed and does not shift when you add other products.

9. Use It Inconsistently

Prevention is always better than treatment when it comes to skincare. You’re not doing the right thing if you wait for signs that you are getting older before you apply eye cream. It is a problem to not apply eye cream when you notice problems. However, it is a problem to use eye cream occasionally to address concerns. Even if you don’t have concerns about wrinkles or dark circles, it is important to use an eye cream and/or serum every day to maintain your skin’s moisture.


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