A Complete Guide on the Best Running Shoes for You

Running a shoes and accessories store and not sure about the best running shoes for you? Wait, you are not alone. There is always a chance that you’ll source the piece of design you love. You will also unsure whether or not it’s the best choice about your customers’ footstrike or foot shape.

Now, what to do? Let’s put you in customers’ shoes!

It happens to all shoe customers. I bought loads of running shoes that were not among the best running shoes choice.

However, that can’t be an excuse not to exercise or not to run.

Whether you are a 5k runner or an athlete who runs 100 miles, everything has to be synchronized. Every detail is important!

If you buy or have the best running shoes and your body isn’t in ‘shape, it doesn’t work.

If you get your hands on the best running shoes, and your mind is going south, it won’t work either.

You need to treat your whole mind and body as a temple. Every detail will make the difference you need; either in a race or in your normal running life.

When you feel pain in the middle of a race, you feel your feet are hurting and your mind is struggling; you require something to hold on to…

That’s where running shoes can bring the difference to take you to that extra mile. They can be the thing that kicks you and resist stopping right there.

It’s All About Balance

We should stay away from illusions. Human bodies are not ideal running machines. Some bodies came from sports, others didn’t do sports at all; until they embrace running.

Thus, it’s necessary to know a bit about everything when we’re talking about running. So, the first thing a runner needs to know is balance, and how to balance in the best position to run without any future injuries or stress.

The human skeleton is complex; however, it is designed to ignite the movement. It is debatable, but we have around 250-350 joints. And these exist to create movement.

As we grow up, a few of us have asymmetries. Also, over the years they can affect your balance dramatically and the way you run or walk.

Therefore some investigators and scientists have found the perfect position to run without too much stress and injuries.

It’s known as ChiRunning.

For those who are stepping into the world of running, they should learn this method, otherwise, beginners’ bodies will suffer new stress. Also, it’s better, to begin with, the best body posture to lessen the odds of future injuries.

The Only Body Part That Meets the Ground

We weigh what we weigh and the impact of our weight needs to go somewhere.

However, how one engages their midline matters a lot. If your midline is loose, your feet get heavy. Also, if you hear your feet are hitting the ground; it’s not a good sign.

Although, if you engage a little more with your midline alongside breathing a bit deeper under the belly, you will feel connected and tighter.

Another crucial aspect while you run is that you should keep your ankles relaxed. So, when the ankles hit the ground, they are a touch softer instead of being stiff.

If you closely observe, you have now started to slap on the heavy ground and your ankle and knees suffer excessively with the impact.

Shoes Can Trick Us

Footwear can be a bit tricky. If shoes are cushioned, comfortable, and lighter, it doesn’t mean they are the best running shoes.

Sometimes, comfort gets overwhelmed and it starts to affect your posture. Unconsciously, it forces you to believe that your shoes do all the work and you begin to move away from your aligned position and midline. It’s like sitting in a soothing armchair. You feel, you don’t have to focus on core anymore, which is wrong.

Here is a piece of advice to counter the trend.

Try to run barefoot for a day. As you run without shoes’ support, you’ll re-center your midline automatically. Also, you will force your mind and body to focus on a lighter foot strike again. Once more, you reprogram your right position to optimize your running power and enforce your pace.

3 Kinds of Running Shoes for Different Purposes

You don’t need to buy only one pair of shoes if you are a newbie. You can get different shoes for different events.

For example, you can have two pairs for hiking and two pairs for running on hard ground.

If you go for training in the mountains for a 15k run, use light pair of shoes. They give you less cushioning and stability, but they will make you feel the ground. Various brands offer comfort and security along with their best running shoes.

If you have to go to a race, use different running shoes. Race running demands more stability as you have to run around a 50k run. Typically, the mountains have loads of rock and you need to cross rivers. Thus, it’s essential to protect your Achilles tendon and ankles.

If you go on a brisk 30-minute run, put on normal hard-ground running shoes. It’s necessary to have foot protection with a good drop; especially if you are overweight and have to save your Achilles from the instant impact.

For marathon running, use a bit light running shoe. It’s a one-time race, thus you need to use all the tools to remain as light as you can to maintain the pace until you reach the finish line.

However, there are three types of shoes at your disposal:

Stability shoes —

These running shoes are more structural and mostly have a higher drop. They also provide more protection in the foot arch as our foot organically pronates (leans inward slightly). It’s useful for beginners and for those who only run for fitness.

Cushioned shoes —

Constant innovations in cushioning technology make cushioned shoes more of a broad shoe variant. It’s the form of shoe that helps in your running routine in various ways.

Thus, this can be less secured for a runner because excessive cushion makes you remain lenient in the midline posture, which is bad for injuries. Runners hit the ground at a massive degree of force compared to other shoes.

Minimalist shoes —

When you buy running shoes and start running, your body transforms a little bit. You try to be extra intentional with the footstrike to save your heel and do the initial contact through your tiptoe for controlling your body’s stability.

Minimalist shoes provide no drop, zero cushioning, and nearly zero stability. They are fine to develop two things:

  • Your contact with the ground and
  • Your realignment posture

However, beware as Achilles will be overstretched. You don’t need any drops to back your weight. Start with short distances, otherwise, troubles will surround your heels.

Last Note

You can listen and read various opinions about the best running shoes. However, what matters is your adaptability to certain shoe brands. Nike shoes may make you feel better. You can prefer Asics, Adidas, and Scoot, New Balance, or some others. It all depends on how your feet adjust with the running shoes.

Start with scanning a store (online or physical) and try different brands and feel the impact on your feet and body. Then, don’t forget to examine the heel-toe drop, the stability, the cushioning, and the weight. Now walk and bounce and skip a little bit.

The main thing is that the shoe will communicate with you. In several seconds or minutes, while scanning the store, you’ll feel different vibes. Your instinct will tell you which shoes are the best running shoes for you.

With the information shared, you’ll have to enjoy the knowledge to filter out different shoes for your next running attempt.

So, keep challenging yourself and remember that the best affordable running shoes depend on your feet’ structure. They need care and good treatment as they are the connection between nature and your body.


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