A Complete Guide to Buying a Tablet for Seniors






You will be surprised that modern older adults are more interested in information technology as much as their children and grandchildren. For young people, for it is a quick search for necessary or interesting information, the opportunity to communicate with friends, relatives, former colleagues, watching movies, reading books, etc. However, can older people obtain this information just as quickly and easily?  How do you choose the right senior tablet so that it meets the expectations of the age user, is comfortable in operation, does not cause trouble and does not make an older user nervous? This article gives practical guiding, prioritizing characteristics when choosing a mobile gadget, often in everyday life called a “Tablet”.

Basic Tablet Selection Criteria for Age Users

Due to age, hearing, vision and finger mobility, when choosing a tablet for this category of the population you should pay special attention to the following factors:

  • The size of the tablet. Often as we get older there are age-related visual impairments. Therefore, in choosing a particular model requires special attention to screen size: a tablet for older people is preferable to choose with a screen diagonal of 10-inch. Furthermore, the screen will place more content without the need for frequent screen scrolling. A 7-8-inch model with small icons will be uncomfortable to use.
  • The sensory sensitivity of the screen. The screen in the tablet is the main intermediary between the user and the high-tech device.
  • The power of the built-in speaker also plays a role in choosing a model, especially if an older adult has difficulty hearing. Dynamics characteristics should allow you to hear speech, play the sound of a movie or music, and a built-in microphone to ensure the correct speech perception on the other side of the communication.
  • Significant battery capacity. Any person strains at the need to recharge his gadget constantly. Good battery capacity will allow you to watch more than one film easily, call children in another city or country via Skype, play a few games of chess and more. For an older adult this is important to provide complete comfort and mobility without additional wires and being stuck to an electric socket for a long time.

More Tablet Features for the Elderly

Specialized mobile devices, which include both tablets for the elderly and their software, are characterized by the decision of manufacturers to “make icons bigger and sound louder”. The interface of such tablets is as simplified and even primitive as possible, and the basic logic of the operating system is maintained to the fullest.

Final Tips

  • The tablet should be comfortable, easy and reliable.
  • Significant battery capacity will allow the usage of the tablet for a long time without recharging.
  • The screen is preferable to a 10-inch in order to tackle the difficulty of reading for older adults.
  • The sound should be clear, legible and loud enough.
  • Software should be easy to navigate and easy to install if necessary.

Listen to these simple recommendations and the process of choosing a tablet for an older adult. You will be surprised what a difference it will make in their lives.  There are multiple options to look at and pick the best option for you or your loved one.

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