A Complete Guide to Dog Bites and Attacks and How to Handle them






Many people get bitten by dogs and don’t need any medical attention. If the dogs are vaccinated properly, the dog bites may not be dangerous and don’t cause any medical problems. Most cases that need medical care involve children. Whatever the case may be, an East Hartford dog bite lawyer needs to be contacted if you need to file a claim. In most states, dog owners are held responsible if their dog has bitten you. If you already know that the dog bites, the owner may not be liable for the injuries.

The role of a dog owner

You should know that any dog could cause injury, attack, and bite. The dog owner needs to take preventive measures so that he does not cause any injury to anyone. For instance, if he lets him off the leash and an elderly person falls on the ground and gets injured, the dog owner will be liable to pay for the medical expenses. Regardless of the nature of the dog, it is the sole responsibility of the dog owner to keep everyone safe while walking the dog in a public place.

Besides that, the dog owner must train the dog on how to socialize with people and other dogs from a young age. Moreover, various vaccines such as rabies shots are available for dogs so that the bites don’t give any harmful side effects to a human being.  Before keeping a dog, you should do the proper research about vaccination, health, and training.

In an event of a dog attack

You can defend yourself if you have been attacked by a dog. You must stop the dog from attacking you by using any weapon that you can reach at that time. Afterward, you must seek medical attention because your injuries should be managed well on time. You must report to the authorities if you find out that the dog has no owner. He should not be able to attack other people. If you find his owner, you should suggest not releasing his dog in public.

Hiring an attorney

If you are attacked by a dog, it is suggested to get in touch with an attorney who knows the laws and can fight for you to get the compensation. You need to show the medical reports and submit the bills. Your attorney will calculate the amount after assessing your injuries, pain, and suffering. 

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