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Traveling with the family is an unforgettable and rewarding experience, but for many parents, planning the trip is not an easy task. 

There are many aspects to consider when planning for traveling: booking tickets, bringing documentation, food, seats, security, etc…

If you find yourself in this situation, we will talk about the best way to travel with children on an airplane in this article. 

Don’t miss it out!

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What is the ideal seat for a child?

Children are very restless and need space to sit. 

If you are over two years old, it would be ideal to reserve seats in the front rows as it is more convenient to get in and out of the plane, and it is also more spacious. 

Keep in mind that these places are usually subject to higher prices! 

As far as possible, it is advisable to ask for a glass or central seats for children.

Besides, we highly recommend you avoid the aisles because the passengers constantly move during the trip, making the kids more anxious than usual.

What should be the documentation so that children can fly?

Each country has different regulations regarding the documentation of minors, so it is advisable to collect more information about this such as unaccompanied minor policy depending on the travel destination.

These documents must be presented at the time of checking-in in the presence of both parents or with the written authorization of one of them if they are not present.

In turn, some airlines may set their own requirements or request more documentation. 

That’s being said,

Before making the reservation, we must fully inform ourselves of the airline’s specific regulations with which you will be traveling.

How to make the trip more enjoyable?

To keep children entertained, especially on long trips, it is essential to bring a toy, a book, a tablet, or pencils and paper. 

It will help them cut themselves off from the long road ahead.

What should you bring for your comfort?

Babies and kids usually prefer their own pillow and blanket. So, If possible, bring their security items with them to use on the plane. 

In this way, they can sleep peacefully!

In the case of babies, diapers, a change of clothes, bottles, and pacifiers will also be needed.

How to take care of your kid’s diet during the flight?

Usually, airlines have a children’s menu to feed the little ones. If the trip is short, you can carry your child’s snack in your handbag or baby diaper bag

Keep in mind, though, babies are more prone to dehydration, so they should drink fluids before and during the flight, especially during long flights.

Useful Tips

  • The most important: stay zen and put things into perspective! The flight may be tiring, but your stress would only make things worse, and it’s temporary. You will survive and forget quickly!
  • Forget your principles! At home, there is no screen and sweets? Things will be easier when you forget about these principles for a few hours and even use and abuse good old rules!
  • Ask (in advance) for a bassinet if you have a child under two years old. Most companies put a weight and age limit on its use, but you often get it anyway if you insist. 
  • Go light! We often take too much, but you have to find the balance between not carrying too much and having the essentials at hand!
  • Then again, take it easy and enjoy every single moment… 

The Takeaway

Traveling as a family allows you to share experiences and add interest to time spent with family away from the pressures of work and education. 

However, it also means doing extra preparation for all of you to enjoy the experiences. 

You need to balance the needs of everyone and try to avoid a lot of extra expenses that may involve group travel. 

You may have to deal with bored kids at airports or on long trips, carry extra luggage when they are tired, or feel frustrated when they complain after all the planning efforts.

Fortunately, challenging times fade away when you get home, and you bring back the trip’s memories to laugh and giggle together…


Dema JS is the founder of newbabysmell.com and a mother of two little kids. Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management.

Contact: Please email [email protected] or go to newbabysmell.com

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