A Guide to ETHW Mining

On September 15, 2022, Ethereum abandoned POW mining with video cards and ASICs in favor of POS mining, which resulted in the creation of the Ethereum POW cryptocurrency as a fork (clone) from the original Ethereum. Miners can expect to receive another Ethereum clone similar to Ethereum Classic (ETC), but with a large 5Gb DAG file and all the updates that have been made to the original Ethereum since 2016, when ETC first appeared. This is because Ethereum POW has stayed true to POW mining, as its name suggests, and because its developers have promised that there will be no commission burning in ETHW and that the complexity bomb will be removed. Given that mining ETHW is currently roughly 10 times more profitable than any other possibilities, we are more interested in the prospect of mining ETHW and the material aspect of this shift. As a result, let’s have a deeper look at how to begin ETHW mining.

One needs mining hardware, mining software, cryptocurrency mining pools, and a cryptocurrency wallet into which the mined ETHW can be deposited. Since ETHW is a replica of Ethereum, few adjustments to mining hardware are required for the new currency.

To mine ETHW, all you need to do is modify the miner software in your operating system, locate a compatible pool, and get an ETHW wallet; the settings for your video card (frequency and voltage for memory and core) and the miner programs are identical.

So, let’s get things sorted out.

Adjusting Your Video Card for ETHW

It is not necessary to make any adjustments to the way your mining hardware functions to go from mining ETC or ETH to mining ETHW. Other than that, Ethereum’s recommended settings for the graphics card are used.

ETHW Miners

Since the Dagger-Hashimoto mining algorithm is used in both ETHW and Ethereum, the same miner software can be used for both. Like the popular lolminer, T-Rex-TeamredMiner, and NBminer.


Because mining requires a wallet, getting one is the first step. Any ETHW tokens successfully mined by the pool will be sent to the address you provided.

You can get the ETHW deposit wallet address in a few different ways:

Installing a full ETHPOW node on your computer is the first option, but it can take several days to download the entire 700Gb blockchain. Unfortunately, this is not the most practical option.

The second method involves creating a Metamask wallet. It is compatible with the ETHW network at present. Those who keep their Ether in Metamask will benefit the most from this, as it is designed for them. A similar quantity of Ethereum POW will be sent to you immediately.

The Mining Process on Windows, RaveOS, and HiveOS

If you’re using Windows, you can get things set up by editing the.bat file and entering the address and port of your new pool and your new ETHW address (wallet) there.

To begin, you’ll need to manually add the ETHW coin when setting up RaveOS or HiveOS. Just as Ethereum settings are copied over, a new coin is generated at random, with the only differences being the pool and wallet address.

Learn how to set up HiveOS and RaveOS

Calculating ETHW Mining Income

Finally, we can get to the meat of the matter, which is figuring out how much money you made mining ETHW.

You’ll need to visit the ETHW mining calculator and enter your hashrate and electricity usage. If the needed column reads “0” instead of the actual price, it may be essential to also mention the price of ETHW. To check the current worth of ETHW, you can use any exchange, such as Bybit.

Since one ETHW is currently worth 12 USD, daily earnings with a single RX580 graphics card will amount to 19 USD.


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