Pay attention, the title of this article states that a heavy sweater can be worn all year. Sweatshirts aren’t just for cold weather gear. There’s so much more to a sweatshirt, even one made of 100% cotton.

Although you may not have considered hoodies and other sweatshirts to be summer wear, they can be very comfortable throughout the year.

All Season Comfort

It should not surprise that a sweatshirt can be used as a companion piece of comme des garçons play clothing in the winter months. However, it might surprise you to know that cotton, even heavier weight cotton, can still be comfortable when temperatures rise.

First, let’s clarify what heavyweight cotton is. This is why it is important to know a bit about the history of making cloth from this incredible natural fiber.

Cotton fabric, like leather and other materials, can be weighed in ounces to determine its thickness. Although there isn’t a universally accepted definition for what heavyweight means, heavyweight cotton garments will be thicker and softer than lightweight garments (like t-shirts).

Heavyweight cotton is softer and more comfortable than regular cotton. It’s also more durable and will keep its shape for longer periods of time.

It was once believed that cotton is susceptible to shrinkage. However, just sweatshirts uses only pre-shrunk cotton fabric. This ensures that the heavy sweatshirt that you are looking for will fit perfectly once it arrives and stay that way for many years.

To answer your question about comfort, cotton is a natural fiber that has many benefits over synthetic materials. It is naturally breathable, which goes in line with the article’s premise. We don’t feel the need explain why a heavier sweater, with a thicker fabric, will keep you warm in winter. However, we would love to tell you that even in heat, a sweatshirt made of 100% cotton will still breathe to keep your body cool.

The Joys of Cotton

The joys of cotton go beyond temperature regulation. You will enjoy all-season comfort when you invest in a heavyweight garment such as one of our 100% cotton sweatshirts.

We have already mentioned that cotton is very soft and holds its shape well. Your Louis Tomlinson merch sweatshirt will fit perfectly and last many seasons.

It is hypoallergenic by nature, making it ideal for those who are allergic to cotton. Cotton can also keep you dry and comfortable because it is breathable. This is why so many sheets that are considered ultra-premium are 100% cotton.

Cotton is also a natural fiber, which means it can be grown without being manufactured. This is better for the environment. It is not only non-toxic to produce, but also biodegradable so it can be reproduced over many years.

These are just a few of the many additional benefits that cotton offers, but there are many others. Read our blog to learn more about the incredible benefits of cotton.

Choose a Style You Like

After learning more about the benefits of heavy sweatshirts, all that remains is to find the one that you like and stick with it.

Just Sweatshirts offers a variety of styles in sweatshirts and cotton tops and bottoms that will appeal to a broad range of tastes.

You’ll find the perfect piece for you, whether you want something traditional like a collegiate style or something modern and slimming like the sweatshirts from our Privet Collection.

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