A History Trip: Why Should Poland Be On Top of Your Travel List in 2021?

Poland is one of the most underrated countries one can visit, and when you do decide to go there, you’d probably ask yourself, how didn’t you come here a bit earlier. Personally, I adore Poland, because it’s a historically rich country and you could spend days and days there, and you’d still have some unexplored part of Polish history.

You could plan your trips so that you’d still spend some time on the beach while keeping your curiosity satisfied. We suppose that you are going to have all of your vacation so neatly planned that you’ll have no time to visit the Polish casinos, which by the way, may even be closed due to the social restrictions thanks to the Covid-19. So, that’s why we are going to give you an extraordinary proposal that will do wonders for you during your vacation. Namely, if you join an online casino gambling site just like the Guts casino, you could be doing anything while still playing your favorite game.

Keeping in mind that Poland was the first country to be invaded during World War II and was one of the places that suffered the most from the last world war, the whole country is full of World War sites one should visit.

Until the late ‘80s, Poland was a closed country as it was under the rule of the communists, which made traveling in and out of the country a nearly impossible mission. While some of the world’s most impactful moments happen exactly here in Poland, before visiting all those memorable places, we suggest educating yourself a bit more about their history and World War II in general through books and movies like:

  • The Schindler’s List
  • Auschwitz, 2011
  • Warsaw Uprising, 2014
  • The Pianist, 2002
  • Treblinka’s Last Witness, 2016
  • Valkyrie, 2008
  • 1939 Battle of Westerplatte, 2013

Now let’s take a look at the most important places you should visit if you ever step foot in Poland, which we believe will leave a profound mark on you.

Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory

Oscar Schindler is one of the most famous individuals during this historical era. Although German, he wasn’t a Nazi and decided to put himself in danger and do everything he could to help those innocent souls that Hitler was hunting and exterminating like crazy. Oscar was a wealthy German businessman that saw the opportunity to save thousands of Jews through his factory. To be more precise, he was running an ammunition shell factory using Jewish labor, and just like that, he helped thousands of Jews, saving them from certain death.

This museum, built to honor Oscar Schindler, is part of the Krakow Historical Museum. You should note that one should book the tickets ahead of time and take a guide with you to go there.

The ticket price for this museum is below $7.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is probably the most visited and sad place in the whole country. The place has a weird creepy vibe, which is perfectly explained by the fact that hundreds of thousands of people were murdered there, and the same number lived in terrible conditions.

Visiting Auschwitz, you’ll get to see the terrible conditions where Jews were living, the mountains of human hair, and personal items that once belonged to living human beings… and that isn’t the saddest… you’ll also see the wall against which the prisoners were shot dead, and the gallows where the Nazis running the camp committed mass hangings in front of an assembled line of prisoners.

After visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp, your guide will probably take you to the extermination camp Birkenau, which is located just a kilometer and a half from Auschwitz. There you can see the ovens or crematoriums where dead bodies were burned, and later the Nazis came to murder even living people there. Up until the end of WWII, Nazis had been doing the murders with Zyklon B in the infamous gas chambers.

The best season to visit the camp is during early spring or late summer, to early autumn, because of the weather. Now, the tour could be planned as a day trip from Krakow, and if you enter the spot before 10 a.m, you are not being charged. However, we highly recommend that you do hire a tour guide or just book some tickets at the local tour guides.


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