A Top Custom Canopy Tents Fit for Your Business Promotion

Are you planning to organize a business promotion soon? I suggest that you install custom canopy tents from the Signleader display. The latter offers a wide variety of custom tents. But don’t get lost. We will share with you one type of customized tent in a sale at Signleader Display which is the best fit for your event. This is the Custom 10×10 Pop Up Canopy Tent Combos 11 for Events. The characteristics below show that it is the top fit for your business promotion.

Features of tent canopy

This 10×10 custom tent protects from the rain as the it is waterproof. It also protects from UV. It is also durable as it resists the weather and scratches. To fix it on the tent frame is easy and it is done with Velcro. The tent canopy of this model allows full-color digital printing which is so useful to display custom artworks. It is strong and durable as it is made with 600 denier polyester. You also have the option to reinforce its strips with black or white reinforcement. It is also coated which explains why the tent is weather resistant.

Tent frame features

This pop-up custom 10/10 tent has a frame made with a 1.6-inch heavy-duty aluminum frame. It also possesses an adjustable crank while its legs are retractable and its pedals stable. It is strong while lightweight at the same time making it easy to carry around. Its folding frame makes it easy to install and takedown. Another interesting feature is that it has telescopic legs and can be switched between four different heights. Let’s emphasize that it has to stabilize footplates which enhance the stability of the tent.

Type of uses

This custom canopy tent is a great choice as it can be used for different types of gathering. First, it can be used indoor and outdoor. In addition, it is the perfect 10×10 event tent for any type of event. In fact, it can be installed for trade shows, business events, sales booths, parties, or festivals. It is also ideal for many other types of events.


The other feature which makes this tent a must-have tent is the accessories included in the kit. In fact, it is not an event tent with only the roof covered. In addition of its custom 10×10 tent canopy, it also has one piece of the custom single-sided full back wall. Two pieces of custom single-sided half sidewall help cover the sides of the 10×10 custom event. A piece of custom 6 feet open-back stretch table cover is included in the combo. Finally, the combos include two more elements which come in two pieces. A custom 8 feet single-sided teardrop flag and a custom medium pop-up. Compared to event tents with only their roofs covered, I’m pretty sure this custom tent appeals more to you. At least as a central tent for your event. For some types of events, like a business one, this tent might be the best choice.



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