A whirlpool of emotions is created by Logan J. Blackman’s composition, ‘Prayer of a Broken Heart’

The song “Prayer of a Broken Heart” by Logan J. Blackman musician take you through a whirlwind of emotions as he tries to deal with the loss of his parents. Losing your parents is one of the hardest things that can happen in life, and it’s hard to write about them after they’re gone. But Logan is able to make it look beautiful.

Beginning of Logan J. Blackman’s musical journey

Logan J. Blackman Lexington is a graduate of the class of 2018 from The University of Kentucky. The bassoonist can play the piano and the organ, and he or she can also write music and lead an orchestra. Blackman can use his musical skills to their fullest in any role he is asked to play in his current job because he has so much different experience.

At age 11, he first became interested in music . After that, he became interested in writing and playing the bassoon.

At age 14, Blackman started to conduct, and that was the start of his journey. Because he was good at it, Blackman’s career path took him into the world of professional music.

Every album Blackman puts out shows how much he loves music, because each one has a lot of harmony and a lot of knowledge about the art. This shows how much he knows about music through the eyes of musicians, music composers, and conductors.

Musical philosophy of Logan J. Blackman

Blackman has worked with many teachers over the years to develop his own style, which can be seen in each of his works. Songs like “Prayer of a Broken Heart” show how well the instruments work together on the album and in the individual songs. The projects he has made are meant to be a celebration of music that brings peace now and inspires other people to find peace in their own lives.

Blackman’s life was full of sad things, and they show up in his work. At the age of 15 years old, he lost his parents in a tragic accident. His music, on the other hand, is a tribute to the great lessons and legacy they taught him. 

Prayer of a Broken Heart is a piece of symphonic music that talks about the tragedy, how it was fixed, and the possibility of getting back together in the future. Even though the pain and loss will never go away, the memories are what make life worth living, and the work shows this.

Blackman’s music is personal and makes you think. It has intricate compositions and a beautiful style that will attract a lot of people who like classically-inspired music with orchestral and instrumental arrangements. His main message, which comes through in every new piece, is that darkness is not a problem and that anyone can find their way, no matter what.

Prayer of a Broken Heart 

Logan J. Blackman led the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra in the first performance of “Prayer of a Broken Heart,” a piece he wrote in honor of his late parents, Larry and Laura Blackman, who died in an accident. 

It was written after their deaths in 2011, but he made changes to the whole thing in 2016 and 2017. On February 17, 2017, he was asked to play the piece with his orchestra, the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra.

The piece is a whirlwind of feelings that show the raw grief and hopelessness that come with losing someone very close.

Even though there is a lot of sadness in the piece, it is also full of hope and strength.
The melody is simple, but it makes you feel sad and lost, and it also gives you a hint of what might come next: acceptance and peace. It’s easy to see how this song could help someone get over a loss or pay tribute to someone who has died.

“Prayer of a Broken Heart” is an emotional and musically powerful song that touches on many different parts of life while staying true to its roots. It’s a piece that will stay with you for a long time after you hear it.


“Prayer of a Broken Heart” by Logan J. Blackman takes you through a whirlwind of feelings, from hopelessness to healing. The piece is strong and moving, and we’re sure that anyone who hears it will have a new understanding of how powerful love and healing can be.


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