About Betclic

Betclic is a betting website based in France. It was established in London in 2005 and is now situated in Malta, with the majority of its operations taking place in Bordeaux. The firm has licenses to engage in sports gambling, horse racing gambling, and online poker in France.

Betclic may not be the most acceptable option for an experienced gambler, but it is ideal for newbies. It’s a pity that there aren’t any specific wagers available, as well as the number of games available is lower than that of the major rivals. They offer an easy-to-navigate site, and their pay out and depositing options are top-notch. Their customer service is also a bonus. But you must choose if these advantages outweigh the reduced chances and small selection of marketplaces.

Betclic is currently one of the quickest rising sportsbooks. The term “Betclic” came just four years after being known as “Betclick” for the previous four years. It is pretty essential to mention that Betclic Everest Group owns Expekt and Bet-at-home. Furthermore, Betclic Everest Group’s operations are not limited to sportsbooks. In essence, there seem to be 2 options: poker or an online casino.

History of Betclic:

In 2005, Nicolas Beraud founded Betclic in London with three million euros and only one staff member. Mangas Gaming purchased a 75 percent stake in Betclic from its founder for fifty million euros in 2008, followed by SBM purchasing a 50 percent stake the subsequent year in 2009. It was claimed in 2010 that Betclic controlled 35-40% of all the customers in France, making it the nation’s most significant gambling firm, with 36% of the market in 2013. Betclic joined with Everest Poker, an online poker business, on May 31, 2016. They relocated its London and Paris headquarters to Bordeaux in October 2016. Betclic received a permit to function in Poland in September 2018. Betclic received a permit to work in Poland in September 2018. The Betclic Group exited the UK internet betting sector in 2019 owing to poor results.

Finance and Security of Betclic:

Now let’s talk about money and safety. In a nutshell, all security worries are baseless. SBR has a rating B of trustworthiness, according to Betclic. This refers to both cash and private information. It’s essential to notice the bookmaker’s guarantee when it comes to safety. The economic security is provided by Barclays Bank, which is one of Europe’s major banking organizations.

Services and Products Offered by Betclic:

Your chances of earning are completely determined by the sports game results on which you place your stake. Betclic, as a sportsbook with a gambling website, delivers a wide range of internet betting goods and services that you might be interested in. Here’s a rundown of some of them:Sports gambling: Sports gambling is a type of wagering in which you put money on a team or individuals you favour in a specific sport in the hopes of them winning during the year. It’s similar to a prediction game wherein you try to anticipate who would win a sporting event. Rugby, cricket, tennis, baseball, football, volleyball, handball, cycling, darts, e-sports, and more sports are available to wager on at Betclic.

Gambling on horse races: Horse race gambling is also available at Betclic. Gambling on horse races is a kind of online gambling wherein you put your money on a horse that is expected to win the race. The win wager and the place wager are two distinct forms of horse race gambling that you might wish to try.Internet poker: Internet poker is a card activity you may enjoy online on your personal computer or smartphone. This sort of game is available on Betclic’s site. You only need to install their app and sign in to your Betclic profile to begin playing whenever suitable for you.

Betclic’s Website:

You may go to Betclic’s sports gambling website The SSL certificate, validated and granted by the Trusted Secure Certificate Authority 5, protects this site. To sign up for this sportsbook, go to the top-right corner of the page and press the register button.You must complete the registration with all required data, including your private details and contact number. To authenticate your identification, you must also submit and attach a duplicate of your legal papers. When you finish creating your Betclic profile, you can look forward to receiving welcoming incentives.

Why Choose Betclic?

Some for the reasons for choosing Betclicare listed below:

  • Owing to its 16-year expertise, it is regarded as reliable.
  • Managed by the top suppliers in the business.
  • Two separate smartphone applications are available.
  • Free mode is available for the purpose of game testing.
  • For each play, the RTP and wager restrictions are shown.
  • Betclic offers a big welcoming bonus.

Welcoming Bonuses Offered by Betclic:

The bookmaker’s advantage is unquestionably the welcoming bonus. Simply said, fresh members will earn a 50 euros incentive. Bonuses can be received through cashback, which can be characterized as a fail-safe mechanism (if the voucher proves to be fake, the cash will be refunded.). The fact that the maximum return is 50 euros is crucial to know.

Those bettors who have placed their initial deposit are eligible for the welcome bonus. A debit or credit card or a bank transfer can be used to make the deposit. Furthermore, the offer does not apply to all bets (just those with three probable pay outs) or all sports. Lastly, and most importantly, the money that has been returned may be sent out immediately.

It’s tough to discover anything negative to say about the welcoming gift. Also, a multi-player refund can be linked to a bonus account return.

Betclic’s VIP Program:

Betclic does not forget active individuals. For such gamers, there is a special incentive known as the VIP program. More possibilities, special incentives, discounts, and awards are available through the program.

It’s also important to mention that the action isn’t limited to wagers placed with sportsbooks. You will get a note from the consumer care team if your behaviour is valued.


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