About Rinnai Gas Hot Water Systems: Your Complete Guide

Looking for a dependable gas hot water system? The latest product range from the house of Rinnai is a good place to start. The brand has been operating in the Australian market for over 40 years. It boasts of an extensive and efficient range of water heating systems that employ the latest technology to deliver the best service.

The products are specifically designed to meet the needs of every Australian household and deliver specific benefits to satisfy your everyday requirements. All the gas hot water systems from the brand can be used with both LPG and natural gas. If gas is cheaper than electricity in your locality, you can easily enjoy the full benefits of Rinnai’s high-end water heaters while saving on the total water heating cost.

Rinnai’s range covers continuous flow hot water systems as well as hot water storage systems that run on gas. Read on to know more about the products,

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

 These systems use the continuous flow design, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of water. These are perfect for households as they can easily fit within small spaces and serve the purpose efficiently without much need for maintenance. Continuous flow gas hot water systems available from Rinnai includes,

The Infinity Range  

This range has been specifically designed with the environment in mind and offers maximum efficiency. The models combine innovative temperature control technology with low emission burners to deliver the best service for the minimum cost.

There is a status operation monitor on the front cover of all the models to display the set temperature. This monitor will also display a problem code in the unlikely event of an issue with the system. This ensures quick and efficient resolution of any system problems. The Infinity range has 12 different water heater models in different sizes and feature specifications to meet the needs of every Australian household.

Flowmaster 10

It is a gas instantaneous water heater designed for applications where no power supply is available or the requirement of hot water is less. It combines the Puretemp technology for maintaining stable water temperature. Excellent gas efficiency ensures minimum operational cost—microprocessor-controlled gas flow for superior performance. The system has a very low operating noise level along with a compact, art flue design.

Gas Hot Water Storage Systems

These models come with a storage tank that holds the heated water for subsequent supply to one or multiple taps. They warm up water in a surprisingly short time and need minimum maintenance. Optimized gas consumption reduces energy usage, ensuring better safety and performance.


The Hotflo range of Rinnai’s gas water storage offers a choice of 135 and 170 liter storage tanks and is designed to meet household needs efficiently. The tank features a high-temperature vitreous enamel lining to ensure long life—high-density polyurethane insulation for minimum heat loss. The models are designed to work with natural gas and LPG.

Rinnai gas hot water systems are technologically advanced, completely reliable, and offer exceptional performance. Each model is designed to reduce energy usage and is easy to install. So, if your locality has a steady gas supply, you can easily opt for any of these heating systems and enjoy hot water whenever you need it without worrying about the expenses.


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