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Did you just decided to start a boutique or start an online business of clothing, shoes, and accessories? Want to buy all that stuff at low prices? If yes, you are at the right place. This article will guide you on where to buy and what is the procedure and its benefits you get it from.

Everyone wants to buy cheap clothes which are also beautiful and trending. For this, buying from wholesale clothing is the best option.  How’s that if shipping is also free? Can’t believe it? So, without any further wait let’s talk about online wholesale clothing vendors. This article includes all the information required to buy cheap wholesale clothes. Below are the products that they offer.

Wholesale women clothing collection:

Wholesale7.net offers an a-z variety of all types of women’s clothing. These apparels are trendy and beautiful having cheap prices. This is a great opportunity for retailers to make a good amount of money. Their wholesale women’s clothing includes top, bottom, rompers and jumpsuits, jackets and long coats, bikinis, and panties are all at wholesale prices. The plus point of this vendor is their plus-size women’s clothing. You will not lose a customer who wants a plus size.

Women fashion accessories and beauty products:

They offer quality makeup accessories at wholesale prices. The quality of their products is awesome compared to the price. All types and colors of women trending bracelets, hairpins, rings, hats, earrings, and necklaces are available at low wholesale prices. Wholesale Prices of these accessories range between 0.38 US$ and 173 US$ only.

Wholesale7.net Women handbags and shoes:

Women handbags are available at wholesale prices ranging between 2 US$ and 27 US$. Wholesale bags for all types of occasions are available in every pattern, color, size, and style. The prices are too low for all these gorgeous and trending women’s handbags.

Various styles of heels, shoes, boots, sneakers, and flats are also available at wholesale prices.

Wholesale7.net men clothing:

There is available a variety of men’s clothing at wholesale prices.  Trending Men’s tops, pants, denim, formal wear, and printed shirts are available at wholesale prices ranging between 4 US$ and 114 US$ only.

Wholesale7.net wholesale program:

Wholesale7.net has a wholesale program, according to this program the more you buy products, the more you will get a discount. This is a bigger opportunity for retailers and boutiques to make revenue. So, join the wholesale program and buy a bigger amount of products and enjoy bigger discounts. Moreover, there is no registration fee for joining the wholesale program.

The cancellation and return policy makes it more customer-friendly. If you want to cancel the order, you will get a full refund but only if the product is not shipped to the address. If the products are not used with original tags, you will return/exchange the product within 14 days of delivery.

What you will get by joining the wholesale program?

You will get discount coupons by joining the program. Furthermore, you will get a 70% more discount on clearance products that are on sale. The only thing to do is to get yourself registered for the wholesale program. By registering, you will get coupons you can use when placing your order.

Benefits of buying from wholesale7.net:

The best thing about wholesale7 is there is no set minimum order quantity. You can buy products according to your needs. But, you will get benefit if you place a bigger order of one item. You will get a discount on placing a bigger order. So, if you are a retailer then wholesale7.net is the best and right place for you. It is also helpful for a startup business with a minimum amount.

Other benefits:   

If you are not feeling comfort by shipping the products, you can go and receive your parcel from the company’s warehouse yourself or your shipping agent instead of the company’s agent. You will need to mention the address of your shipping agent when filling the form. The company will send your parcel to that address or either your agent may visit the warehouse and collect the parcel.

Final lines:

Wholesale7.net is the best place cheap online clothing stores for all stuff at a wholesale rate. Their prices, quality, shipping process, and delivery are all satisfactory and customer-friendly. Instead of trending and quality products, the prices are low which is best for retailers. you will get an extra discount by registering yourself for the wholesale program.

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