Adopt Cloud telephony to amplify your business

Businesses deal with leads, customers, and vendors on a daily basis. While there are several communication channels (chat, email, etc.), phone calls remain the easiest and most effective way to communicate. 

However, normal telephone calls aren’t feasible for businesses. They cost hundreds of dollars (in phone bills every month) and are prone to disruption. But don’t worry; we have cloud telephony for the rescue. 

Cloud PBX services provide a PBX phone system that runs through your internet connection. It is hosted on the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about service disruption or phone bills. It also enables you to run your support and sales team remotely.

When it comes to the cloud PBX phone system’s adoption, approximately 31% of businesses use them. The number is expected to increase in 2021. 

The global cloud telephony market is forecast to grow by around 17.8% in 2021, double the growth in 2020 (8.9%). 

Now the question is, why is the cloud telephony market proliferating? Why are more and more businesses adopting it? And why should you do it too? In this article, we will answer all these questions. Let’s get started!

1- Quick and Easy Implementation

Cloud PBX phone systems require no infrastructure, just a laptop (or smartphone) and an internet connection. This means you can set up the system potentially within a day. Leading cloud PBX Provider like CallHippo enable you to get up and running in just three minutes. 

You won’t have to wait for technicians, installation of phone lines, or hire a full-time employee for system configuration. Your cloud telephony provider will take care of all these things and provide you access to virtual phone numbers almost instantly. 

2- Lower Operational Costs

Whether you’re bootstrapped or are a large enterprise that makes hundreds of calls every day, cloud telephony can help you save money. You can save up to 75% on communication bills by switching to cloud telephony. 

Here are the key areas you can save money with a cloud PBX phone system:

  • No equipment or hardware required
  • Lower calling costs (even to long distances)
  • No maintenance required (eliminating the need to hire IT experts)
  • Can be scaled without any minute 

3- Better Flexibility and Higher Scalability

Cloud telephony gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere using any internet-connected device (using the provider’s app). This makes managing remote teams easier and effortless. 

They also support your growth seamlessly. More specifically, they allow you to add more users in a few clicks at little to no extra cost. This helps you scale your operations quickly and without much effort. 

4- Supports Third-Party Integrations

Cloud PBX phone systems allow you to integrate your calling app with other business tools such as CRM, email marketing software, and tools like Aceyus customer service analytics which provide valuable insight to the performance of your team and satisfaction of your client base. This helps streamline your workflows and improve your team’s efficiency.

They won’t have to switch between tools to get the necessary information and can access every detail in a single interface. This enables them to offer an exceptional and personalized customer experience to each individual. 

5- More Reliable and Resilient

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to prepare for the worst. With a traditional PBX system, you cannot do that. Be it a natural disaster (earthquake, cyclone, etc.), or things that humans can solve (wiring issue, overheating, power grid failure, etc.), traditional business phone system will be highly affected. 

On the other hand, cloud PBX phone systems provide 99.999% uptime irrespective of the situation. It also has in-built redundancy to ensure your calls stay connected and you have a backup in case of network issues. 

6- Highly Customizable

When it comes to the features of a phone system, every business has unique requirements. Most reputable cloud telephony solutions allow you to customize the phone solution to meet your needs. You can also add or remove features from your phone system when required in a few minutes. 

7- Powerful Calling Features

Advanced features that come with cloud telephony enable you to focus on the right tasks at the right time and be effective. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the most valuable features of a cloud PBX phone system:

  • Auto-attendant: helps callers reach the right department.
  • Call forwarding: directs inbound calls to your desired number. 
  • Interactive voice response (IVR): is a voice response system that provides information to callers via a pre-recorded message. 
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing: ensures productive remote team meetings and better sales demos. 
  • Toll-free numbers: that allow customers to reach you for free.
  • Call recording: that can be used to maintain quality service and train new employees. 
  • Power dialer: that dials numbers from a list automatically, thereby improving sales representative’s productivity. 
  • Analytics: helps analyze the performance of each agent and team as a whole. 

8- Increased Mobility

As companies switch to remote working, a system that allows employees to access their company’s phone lines is crucial. Cloud PBX phone system lets you do that. By visiting this site you can know about Toll Free Numbers

Your agents can access the phone system from anywhere, provided they have an active internet connection. They can answer phone calls, access their voicemail, set up call routing, and listen to call recordings on the go. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual PBX systems offer many benefits, including multiple menus and extensions. Cloud telephony makes handling business calls more efficient and cost-effective. By adopting cloud telephony, you can improve agent productivity, scale your business effortlessly, and stay available for customers round the clock. 

If you have not adopted a cloud telephony system yet, now is the right time. However, make sure to pick the right cloud PBX provider to get the most out of your investment. 


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