AFRA: What Do They Do?

What do all those letters stand for?

If you’ve been searching for a removalist company, you may have run across the acronym AFRA. It stands for the organization called the Australian Furniture Removers Association. What do they do and how is it beneficial for you?

Let’s find out!

Introducing AFRA

AFRA is a professional organization made up of removalist industry experts. These are all folks that are well-versed in how to move things from one place to another without causing damage.

They also understand customer concerns when it comes to moving their precious belongings and put policies in place to mitigate those concerns.

How Does AFRA Help?

To become an AFRA member, removalist companies have to meet a long list of stringent requirements. This is to ensure you as the consumer that you will be getting a quality experience when you hire an AFRA member company.

They require that companies carry certain insurance and keep their trucks and moving equipment well-maintained.

Furthermore, AFRA provides mediation help in the unlikely event that a dispute arises. Member companies have already agreed to abide by whatever the organization decides. However, you as the consumer have further recourse through Fair Trading if necessary.

Consumer Protection

To some extent, anyone can buy a moving truck, slap on a uniform and start helping people move houses. In fact, there are removal companies out there that are only a tiny step above this level.

However, who really wants to entrust their belongings to someone like this? They might not even have the proper equipment to move especially large or heavy pieces of furniture.

And if something tragic happens, it’s likely that they don’t even have insurance in place to cover the replacement costs.

AFRA ensures that this doesn’t happen to you. When you hire an accredited removalist, even a tiny one-truck operation, you can rest assured that the company has everything in place needed to safely handle your belongings. Click here qsciencesshop.com to get most popular news.

Why Hire an AFRA Member Company?

The biggest benefit of hiring an AFRA member company is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy. You won’t have to wonder if you’ve hired the right people for the job because you already know they are backed by experts in the industry.

This will also save you a lot of time since you won’t have to check around and depend on your own research to find a company.

Everything right down to paperwork like job quotes and contracts is overseen by AFRA to ensure the highest quality experience.

Ready to Move House the Easy Way?

AFRA member companies may charge a little more than another removal company. And they are certainly more expensive than getting an army of friends together and paying them in pizza and beer.

However, you can’t put a price on the peace of mind and professionalism you’ll get with an AFRA-accredited company.

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