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Fiamede La Nave de Afrodisiaco es uno de los más notados libros black y mucho menos conocido en el campo escolar español que trata temas sexuales. El título original, Fiamede La Nave de Afrodisiaco, nos recuerda algo, pero no le importa cómo lo recordemos: este seres humano español cuya historia parece afectar al resto. Pero ¿Quién eres tú, tu veredicto? ¿Te atravesan con la vista porque son tú? No hay nadie mejor que un hombre casado con mujeres afrodisiacas (Sólo necesitas una buena estrategia para resistir a los momentos oscuros). ¡Ya sabrás! Recuerda el título Bisexual Afrodisiaca y no te preocupes porque no es un tema para niña ni para mujer joven. Sino para aficionados a los embarcar en relaciones sexuales. Niña: deseos afrodisíacs; mujer: responde naturalmente a los besos afrodisíacs de varones suy

What is Fiamede La Nave de Afrodisiaco?

In her book Fiamede La Nave de Afrodisiaco, Ana Lucia Aguirre describes her encounter with the sexual desires of a young man, who she calls “Fiamede.” She describes how, in a state of exhaustion, he reaches out to her, touches her, and then withdraws. In order for the act to be considered sexual, Aguirre had to have her write about it. Her account is full of descriptions of the man’s body, his voice, his actions—all of which seem to affect the rest of the book. There are many accounts of Fiamede, but there’s one that stands out among all the others. The main theme of this tale is the elusiveness of sexuality. Everyone has different experiences with love, and there’s no way to tell if this particular young man has any added “good” or “bad” in him. It’s a strange feeling, to be let down by something you created.

Why is this book so infamous?

Because it’s about sex, of course. There’s no other way to put it. Why is this book so infamous? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that of the pornographic film The biographies of the saints, with its detailed descriptions of how St. Francis of Assisi and St. John the Baptist were loved by their contemporaries. The second thing that comes to mind is the bible, which is replete with descriptions of various sexual activities, from oral sex to anal sex. Those two things together tip the door to Fiamede being a sex author.

How to get sucked into it?

Like most books on sexuality, Fiamede begins with analysis. Although it’s not very scientific, the author makes use of her own experiences to show how “affectionate” and “lovable” she feels toward this man. She also shows off her vocabulary, which at the time consisted of only 6 words: “tamales,” “magnolia,” “amarillo,” “diamante,” “alejandra,” and “fiamede.” The author also uses phrases that are now associated with desire and sex, such as “soul food,” “hot yoga,” “torch lucifer,” “pussy foot,” and more.

The good in the bad: The meaning behind the title

One of the things that sets Fiamede apart from other sex books is the meaning behind the title. Most sex books end with the ending, with the author expressing how she feels about the hero and his “soul food.” This is not the case with Fiamede, who ends the book with this simple sentence: “I love you, and this is what I want from you.” There is a lot of discussion in the book surrounding different emotions a person can have, and what makes one the “one” while another is the “one” in love.

Bisexual Aphrodisiac and the elusiveness of sexuality

One of the things that makes Fiamede stand out from the crowd is the elusiveness of sexuality. At the same time, she also presents a “tales of two” as a way of expressing her affection for this man. When he leaves to follow his career as a photographer, she continues to call him “Fiamede,” and that, in a word, sums it up: “Aphrodisiac.” Although she does not use the term in a pejorative sense, it’s pretty clear that the two characters are more than friends. Another thing that sets Fiamede apart from other sex books is the fact that she does not use the term “lesbian” in a pejorative sense. That term has become mostly associated with the movie Sex and the city, and Fiamede is not a lesbian. Fiamede is a bisexual sexologist, and she calls herself such. However, she uses that term in a positive way, as in “Aphrodisiac for two,” not “Aphrodisiac for two and a half.”


Fiamede is such an odd book. It has a lot of oddball characters, odd instances of language, odd descriptions of “soul food,” and odd metaphors that seem to reference toys and bed sheets. But the beauty of this book is that it teases you, suspensefully, with what it has to offer. You never know if you’ll like it or not, so why not give it a chance?


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