Alex Wilson Set to Return to Tigers

Alex Wilson did everything on the Tigers pitching staff when he first joined the team. This time Alex is back on a minor contract and is expected to become a bullpen psychologist in the team.

The former is expected to take on the role of the first-year graduate student and the veteran reliever. Alex is quite optimistic about his second chance with the Tigers. It is expected that this second chance will help the veteran in fixing his legacy and it is a great opportunity for him to start a new career.

In a phone interview, Wilson said that he feels that there is a lot more that he can give to the team bot on and off the field. He added that if it is the last year of his career as a player he would continue to help the teams that he knew. These teams are (the Tigers’ No. 14 prospect) Beau Burrows and (No. 2 prospect) Matt Manning.

Alex continued by saying that there is nothing left that he hasn’t done in the game. The player has got hurt, he has broken his leg a couple of times, been traded, been released, and also been opted-out. He said that he would like to make the situation for the players easier so that they won’t feel stressed. If he is able to do it then it would be a great advantage to the team.

The deal Wilson has been working upon includes a non-roster trip to the Spring Training. This indicates that there are great chances of Alex retaking the bullpen role in the team. The role that he performed for four years from 2014 to 2018 in Detroit.

Tigers as we all know have the young core when it comes to the bullpen. If Alex Wilson joins the bullpen of the team the 33 years old player will become the oldest member in the Tigers Bullpen. Well, you can also not deny that the group missed Alex’s presence. This can be seen in their performance this year.

Tigers were struggling this year and this struggle can be seen in their performance. The team lost 144 matches the season, it was quite disappointing. Alex went from the Tripple-A San Antonio and Milwaukee. The player posted a 9.53 in his just 13 games in April playing for the Brewers. He was then released in August.

He scored half of his 12 runs from just one futile outing. The player then has a talk with the tigers that he will return late in that season. But, the player dissed that and went on with the Cubs hoping for the championship run.

Alex Wilson kept his touch with the GM David Chadd, the Tigers assistant in his full off-season. He did this for the possible reunion hopes with his old team. He then managed to get into school and finish his degree in sports management. The player kept psychology as his minor. Well, the only reason for keeping psychology as a minor is making sure about his future plans after his playing career is over.

In an interview, Wilson said that he went back to college and finally got graduated. He added that he didn’t know which way it is going so, he went to apply from the graduate school. He said that he wanted to do the graduation and play at the same time. So, that if his playing days are over he will be ready for the future. 

Wilson added the wish that he wanted that his leadership should be felt in the team. He wanted to be someone who can provide guidance to the young players through his experience in the games in his career.

Alex said that his personal expectation is to make the team stronger. He said he is not going to be the oldest in the team but will be the closest. He said that his experience would help the young player to learn a lot of things and many of them may finish as the big leaguers. He continued by saying that you always need one or two older people in the team that always guide you to do the best. He claimed that he had good relations with many of the younger guys on the team.

Alex Wilson stated that it doesn’t matter if you are rebooting the team or rebuilding it again. You always need a veteran there to guide you. The Tigers offered him and the player agreed to it without any second thought. He said that he wanted to come back and wanted to be a part of everything coming together.

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