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Spirituality enables a person to find himself and understand the world around him better. It focuses on the soul (Atma) and gives immense importance to deep questions like why we feel pain, our purpose in life, why we are born, etc. It brings peace and calmness to the person practising spirituality. 

Importance of knowing your horoscope

Reading your horoscope and profoundly understanding it can help you be more spiritual. Horoscopes predict your future and help you understand the reasons for confusing things happening in your life. They can accurately predict big and small events and make you a higher being.

Use the best astrologer app, Astroyogi, to find someone with enough knowledge to guide you in your pursuit to attain a higher level of spirituality by explaining the role different planets play in your daily life. Not only that, the position and movement of the nine planets recognized in Vedic astrology (known as Navgrahs), including the celestial bodies like the Sun (Surya) and the moon (Chandra) at a definite time, can affect your mood and behaviour.

Role of different planets in your life

  • Surya (Sun)

 This planet in Astrology is related to the power of an individual. All the other planets revolve around Surya, giving it authority and power. So if you have a strong influence of Surya in your horoscope, it likely indicates why you have a strong will and natural authority over people.

  • Moon (Chandra)

Chandra in astrology usually pertains to the mother or the motherly love. It is also considered a sign of fertility and emotions. Having a strong Chandra means that you have emotional maturity and a good attitude that is pleasing to others.

  • Mars (Mangala)

Considered to be one of the most aggressive planets, having a strong Mangala in your horoscope explains your behaviour’s rash and passionate nature. It also governs our sense of idealism and sexual energy.

  • Mercury (Budha)

As the name suggests, being strong in Budha makes you very intelligent and have good skills for a business. Buddha indicates that you have a good sense of humor and a sharp wit.

  • Jupiter (Brihaspati)

Brihaspati plays a massive part in deciding your luck and success. It is associated with prosperity, religion, spirituality, and higher education.

  • Venus (Shukra)

The planet Shukra has divine feminine energy and is delicate and calm. It represents beauty, luxury, a happy married life, and romance.

  • Saturn (Shani)

This particular heavenly body has a negative connotation that is generally attached to hardships, laziness, and carelessness. It is usually associated with seven and a half years of bad times experienced by people. However, Shani can also be positive for some people by giving success and wealth with the right balance and particular position of the planet.

  • Rahu (North node of the moon)

Known as a harmful agent that brings depression, emotional imbalance and drains an individual’s energy, Rahu is a malefic planet. But with the proper position and balance, it can bring great fame and wealth. 

  • Ketu (south node of the moon)

Called the Tail of the Dragon, it is identified as the planet that brings mystery, clever thinking, liberation, etc. It is associated with risk-taking and unforeseen changes.

Finding a good astrologer is essential while trying to gain spiritual maturity. They can explain the particular effects of the Navgrah that influence your daily life and clear your doubts so you can better understand the universe. 

Studying one’s horoscope reveals a lot about the person and makes it easier to understand the standard of their spirituality.

Moksha (Salvation)

To attain Moksha is to reach a higher level of consciousness and be one with the Supreme Soul. To attain Moksha is to reach that level of consciousness. It can only be achieved through Yoga and by giving up all your earthly desires. The cycle of birth and rebirth continues till you achieve moksha. 

This is closely tied to astrology. When one performs spiritual astrology, they have a thorough understanding of the nature and movements of the Navgarahs and can perform karma that will lead them to attain their salvation. The house Ketu is strongly associated with achieving moksha. 

Spirituality and the Navgrahs

Brihaspati (Jupiter) is known for its close link with religion and spirituality. Chandra, too, is known for having a close relationship with spirituality as it indicates a strong and calm mindset, which means a spiritual person. Moreover, the study of the Bhavas of an individual’s horoscope significantly affects their spirituality. In addition to this, the alignment of the planets and movements can be read to understand a person’s inclination to spiritual thinking. 


Astrology is required to understand how inclined an individual is to spiritualism and inward thinking. The study of planets is closely related to attaining moksha, the highest spiritual level, as you can improve your karma.

Having a good astrologer makes a considerable difference as with their knowledge, they can guide you in the right direction by reading your birth chart. In addition, they will explain your strong and weak points and give you a clear understanding of your affinity to spirituality.

Use astroyogi, the best astrologer app available today, to get the most accurate and well-researched facts and horoscopes, and start your journey of spiritual astrology! 

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