Amazing tips to make your Student Move smooth and successful

Moving of a college student is little more complicated as compare to a normal move primarily because students lack budgeting and organization skills. As we know well that students life is full of tasks of all ranges it is hard for the students keep things and stuff organized. Along with budget constraints, students also face space issues because they have to settle a lot in smaller spaces. It is really hard for them to organize, pack and move their stuff safely. It becomes even more complicated as hundreds of student move almost at the same time. By following the below tips from cross country movers students can save their time and energy while moving their stuff safely from one place to another:

  • Talk to Your Roommates: Once your admission process is done and you are aware of your roommates will be, it is very much advisable to get in touch with them. Ask for the things required at common place and try to share the things at shared places as this will save space and will lessen the stuff to be transported. Make a good rapport with your roommate to have a happy stay and easy settlement at your new place. Also, you can prefer a good Student accommodation in Bolton to move your student life smooth and successful.
  • Moving Time Schedule: Know your dorm or hostel moving schedule well in advance. Generally colleges give enough time to move in and settle before the beginning of the session. Knowing the exact dates will make it more convenient to move. Weekends are the busiest moving days, so avoid weekends if you can. Moving on weekends will not only be costlier but you will also be facing rush in the dorm during unloading your stuff. It is a good idea to shift one day prior than to be late.
  • Make a Long Term Plan While Packing: While packing your stuff for a dorm move, it is very much advisable to keep long term things in mind. Don’t only look for your immediate needs and overlook your other main belongings. Keep in mind that you may not be able to visit your home often. Plan your home visits in advance and pack your seasonal clothes according to that.
  • Moving Stuff: Opt for good transportation luggage. Once you use your moving equipment like suitcases and luggage bags for transportation, don’t keep them empty. Use them for storing books, off season clothes and other important documents.
  • Hire Specialized College Movers and Packers: Though, DIY move is the best and cheapest way of moving but in case you lack time and organizing skills then you can opt for movers and packers. Always choose specialized college movers and packers to make things sorted as they know how to settle students who opt for an off campus accommodation. 
  • Pack Smartly:Packing your stuff needs a lot of organizing skills and time management. Once you get your moving date from the college, start packing your stuff. Be sure to gather all the required stuff to be packed in one room to avoid forgetting of things. You can even color coordinate the storage boxes. Put all the similar things in one luggage. Take enough toiletries to avoid immediate market visits after the move. Pack different season clothes in different bags. Roll your clothes for packing as it will not only save space but your luggage will be more organized too.
  • Important Stuff: Don’t forget to safely pack all your documents at one place and make sure to keep you documents bag with you all the time during the move. Electronics should be packed properly, unplug all the cords from the devices but keep them together and also mark proper labels. You can use zip bags, pencil cases or sunglass cases to pack cords of all your equipment.
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics are a girl’s best friend and it is definitely not a good idea to move without them. But packing cosmetics is also a task. Pack them properly, put cotton balls or pads in your loose powder or compact powder containers to avoid cracking.
  • Also, prefer Student Accommodation Liverpool to move smooth and successful student life.

If you are a student planning a move soon, these tips are the best to follow and make a swift transition.


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