An Bui Remote Job: How to Find a Remote Job and Get Started

Are you looking for a career that allows you to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere? Then, find a remote job that best suits your needs and working style.

This is how it should be done.

We understand that you have come here because you are looking for information on how to get started on this adventure. You may have already considered working part-time or full-time and starting looking for remote opportunities.

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So, let’s get started.

How to Get a Remote Job in 2021 in 6 Easy Steps

Below are the 6 EASY steps for you to finally land that remote job you’ve been wanting to have!

Step 1: Research and Self-reflection

Is working remotely what you want? Or were you just interested because you knew someone who had been doing it and had nothing but all the good words to say?

This is important because working remotely does not just mean having the tools needed but it involves finding if this is fit to your personal and professional lifestyle. Not all personalities can deal with being at home and not having any interactions with anyone.

Working from home offers both pros and cons.


  1. Your once-dreaded commute is over and no more traffic jams or rush-hour subway rides.
  2. Spend so much time on what to wear? Nobody is watching you when you are at home for as long as you show results.
  3. Do you feel like working in your living room while binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix? That’s possible as long as you show your presence online and respond timely to your employer’s emails and chats.
  4. This includes spending time with your family at home or with your dogs.
  5. No strangers wandering around, no small talks needed with your officemates, and no distractions.


  1. When you are all alone in one space, it’s more likely that you will feel lonely within your shift.
  2. In reality, more people struggle to separate their personal and professional lives, resulting in a never-ending workday. Burnout can become very real if you develop bad work habits at home.
  3. You thought you would be more productive in a place where you’re comfortable and with no distractions. Well again, it depends on your personality. Some do excel but with others, productivity drops in a remote environment. If you think you can be more productive with direct supervision, this may not be the career path for you.
  4. No one to ask for feedback or to just talk about anything under the sun. You may send a chat or an email but it’s different when it’s done face to face.
  5. When in a team, you become a team player and want to be included and socialize with everyone in the team.

Some people thrive in an office-based setup while others thrive working remotely. This is why you need to gauge whether it’s something you are ready for before doing that job search. Check out these top 11 Do’s and Don’ts for job searching. Research and self-reflection are essential as not everything that sounds great will work for you the way it did to other people.

Step 2: Know your motivators

Sometimes working in your pajamas and a comfortable seat just doesn’t provide the same type of motivation you get from a suit and an office chair. You get easily distracted by what’s happening at your own home and you lose focus on what you should be prioritizing at the moment.

Motivated remote workers love what they are doing and take pride in what they do. No motivational quotes alone can fuel you forever. This is why it’s important to know what you want to do or else, the bed becomes comfortable.

If the feeling is not caused by the job but by other factors such as the long drive and traffic you may encounter during peak hours or that officemate you just don’t vibe with or that boss who keeps an eye on you and notices every break you take, you might be a good fit for remote work.

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Step 3: Finding the Dream Remote Job

If you’re still here, you are probably getting ready to find remote work or maybe you did already but where can you start? We are featuring below the remote job boards that do the filtering for you so you wouldn’t have to scour the internet.

  1. WeWorkRemotely
  2. Jobspresso
  3. Pangian
  4. Remote.com
  5. JustRemote
  6. AngelList
  7. Hubstaff Talent
  8. FlexJobs
  9. Remote.co

There are additional work-from-home jobs, but the 9 indicated above are the ideal job sites to start no matter what industry or job function you’re looking for.

Step 4: Know your employers

Now that you know where to start looking for them, let’s talk about “them”. One thing to expect in your first remote interview, employers will show interest not only in your employment history but in your lifestyle as well. There are two major things an employer is looking for in an applicant, a trustworthy person and a person who loves what they do.

Because working at home does not require direct supervision, remote employers need to trust that each employee will do the task given to them and produce high-quality results. If asked, you don’t have to hold back on sharing the things you love doing even if it’s not relevant to the job you were interviewing for. Being you makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of your employer.

Step 5: Update your resume

Remote Companies are most likely to include their requirements in the job posting to eliminate those who lack the basic requirement. As a job seeker, it is your responsibility to review the job posting and carefully take note of the requirements. This is important so you can prepare the things you need to submit like resumes and cover letters.

A good resume is the next important step to securing a spot when applying. When writing your employment history, make sure you align your essential skills in a resume with the needs of the potential job opening. Be specific as much as possible, review the job postings and check whether you are using the right keywords.

Here are some tips when writing your resume that will make it stand out.

  1. Mention tools that you are familiar with to bridge the communication gap. For example, Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, and many more.
  2. Highlight your communication skills. Employers want to make sure you are both understanding each other as working remotely means communication is done virtually. This does not only apply to verbal communication but in writing as well. You must make no typography or grammatical errors within your resume.

Step 6: Begin Job Hunting

Now that your documents are all set, let’s make sure your files are correctly labeled. The last thing you want is for you to mix up your documents. A good file name would be your name and what document it is (example: John_Smith_Resume.pdf).

It’s best to keep track of the documents you sent to specific employers especially when you are planning to apply to multiple companies so you can come back and review what you sent once you receive a response from them. The application process may be too overwhelming at times especially when a job requires more than one role hence following these steps can help smoothen the process and make it easier.

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