An Effective Guide On How You Can Introduce Your Newborn To Your Pet At Home






Pregnancy provides a rollercoaster of emotions in a couple’s life. You are not only happy and excited to introduce a new member to your family and life but at the same time nervous and agitated.

But, if you are also a parent to a fur baby too, then we can well feel that your anxiousness might have skyrocketed by now, wondering how your pet will get along after the baby comes and how you are going to raise your baby with the fur-ball running around your house all the time.

If this has been the prime concern of your life currently, then you have stumbled upon just the right article, my friend!

We have prepared an exclusive guide highlighting all the necessary measures and features that will help your baby to get along with his/her fur friend and you, raising your kid without any worry.

So without any further ado, let’s hop into the article.

Prepare your furry friends for the new addition to the family

With a little bit of effective planning, your most pampered pet can also have the smoothest transition from living in a baby-free household to residing in one which is focused on a crying and demanding newborn.

Wondering how? Keep on reading the steps then.

Also, these steps are important as these will prepare your pets for the newborn and therefore will prevent them from behaving aggressively in front of them or posing a hazard for them.

For many couples, their pets are their first “baby” and in most cases, the furry buddies know that too. And therefore when a newborn enters into the scene, it dramatically changes the entire scenario. Therefore, it is best to initiate some changes before your newborn enters the household.

  1. If your pet has never been enrolled in a basic obedience class, then this is the best time to do so. Certain habits like jumping up when greeting you can prove to be dangerous when you are carrying a newborn or are eight months pregnant, an instructor will help in correcting those.
  2. Well, this step might seem strange, but one of the best ways to prepare your fur friends for a new addition into the household is by getting a doll and treating it as your infant. Carry the doll around the house, coo at it and even tote it in baby carriers. This will help your pet to get used to the new environment and less attention to them.
  3. Pets have a habit of investigating everything by sniffing, therefore, introducing him to smells like baby powder and lotions.
  4. We are sure that you take your pet out for a stroll each day. Now that your bundle of joy is coming into your life, practice walking your pet while pushing your future baby’s stroller. This will help the pets to get used to the concept of the stroller.
  5. Teach your pet the “back” cue. Stand directly in front of your pooch, say “back” firmly and hold out your hand as you shuffle towards them. Your pet will naturally back up and then as they try to follow up the movement, shower them with small treats. This will help your pup to understand the concept of personal space. Also, this movement will be extremely beneficial when your newborn will be around your pet.
  6. You can also paste sticky paws or any other warning items to prevent your pet from entering your newborn’s room. However, you also need to teach them to identify those.

Before we move further, It is important to note that we should never rush the above-mentioned measures.

Our pets are accustomed to a certain type of love and affection and if you start changing the situations drastically, there is a high chance of your pet getting baffled and reacting negatively.

We are certain that you definitely do not want that.

Introducing your fur-ball to your newborn

Now that when the “practice doll” is replaced by a newborn, now the measures will be a tad bit different.

When you are back home after your delivery, first of all, brace yourself for a lot of licks as your pet will be overjoyed to be reunited with you.

We recommend here when you enter the home, give your newborn for your significant other to hold.

Greet your dog first and once their excitement of meeting you dies, then sit down with your newborn in your arms and allow your pet to sniff them to feel acquainted.

However, take some precautions in these cases, as newborns are vulnerable to infections in this stage and your pooch may unknowingly become a hazard for your little one.

Certain precautions to follow when your baby is around your pet

Brace yourself up because you need to be vigilant all the time. Some precautions that especially you should keep in mind are

  1. While taking care of your newborn, do not forget about your fur-ball. You can stock up on their playthings as it will help them to remain busy and always try to treat them whenever they behave gently around the baby. This will help them in building good memories with the baby and you will also be able to control any negative behaviour around the little one.
  2. Not only pets, teach your kid to be gentle around your pets too. Show them how to pat them gently or to show them affection and trust us, when we say this will help you later.
  3. Feed your dog at a fixed place as this will help in preventing your child from consuming any pet food.
  4. Make sure that your pets are clean and vaccinated. Visit a vet once a month to have their checkup.
  5. And lastly, never leave your child and pet together unattended. Always keep a watch on them especially when they are together.

Now there you go, some effective measures that will help your newborn and fur-ball to get along together.

Well, in conclusion, we can say that it is a little bit of training and planning that takes all the cake.

Our fur friends are smart and if we can train them properly, then raising a kid around them is not a problem.

However, as parents, you always have to keep an eye on them and make sure they are living harmoniously.

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