An infrared heating painting should stand out.

Your friends and family are on edge when they enter your living room and see a beautifully colored painting—seeing a beautiful print of you and your loved one. They don’t believe it’s an infrared heater too. That is the advantage of infrared heating with a beautiful image.

Infrared heating not only gives off heat but also decorates your interior. You can have every photo, print, or motif printed on the infrared panel. An infrared heat the heat with the beautiful design. It is the ideal solution for a heating system seen in your home from the office.

What can be used as a photo on an infrared panel?

Is this possible an infrared heating photo as decoration in your bathroom or bedroom? Yes, this is possible with an infrared heating painting. Get rid of those simply ugly radiators that ruin your decor. Say welcome to the hot heating photo!

Infrared heating is lovely; it’s wall art! You can print anything you want on it. How about a photo of your family, a landscape photo of a Picasso painting on it? You give an infrared heating painting a prominent place in the living room.

An infrared heating painting is a panel that emits infrared heat rays. It is a heater and influences a beautiful illustration or photo on the wall.

Infrared heating works on electricity. Infrared panels use long-wave heat rays—the objects standing in the room store the heat and then reflect it into space. You feel the incredible warmth from all sides.

The surface of the infrared heater is made of high-quality safety glass. In practice, this has been proven to be highly robust and resistant. The panels are only 2 centimeters thick, and they are space-saving.

The heating panels emit infrared rays and can reach a temperature of up to 120 degrees Celsius. You can hang the discussions on the wall of the ceiling. The wall panels reach a maximum temperature of 105 degrees Celsius from a safety point of view.

The back of the infrared panel is equipped with an electricity cable with a plug. The installation is, therefore, straightforward. For an even better result from your image panel, it is recommended to hide the cord.

Infrared heating is a thing of the past in every facility. You would almost forget that it feels like a heater, your wonderfully comfortable warmth.

With infrared heating, you can go in many directions. And not only with the warmth, but also with the decor! In addition to an infrared heating painting, you also have infrared mirrors.

The infrared heating photo can be mounted anywhere in the nursery, living room, or kitchen. Infrared poster developed the highly designed heating technology with a beautiful design.

The surface of the photo heating panel is made of high-quality safety glass, which is fire resistant. Our infrared glass panels not only look good, but they are also durable and robust.

Source: Infrarood verwarming


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