An Overview Of Tax Accounting Services

What Is Tax Accounting?

The structure of accounting procedures used in tax accounting is distinct from that used in public financial reporting because it is more concerned with the tax implications of the methods utilized. Businesses and individuals must abide by the Internal Revenue Code while completing their tax returns, which sets the exact laws they must follow.

Accounting for Taxes

Tax accounting is the practice of recording financial transactions for the purpose of calculating taxes. It applies to everyone, regardless of size or kind, including people, companies, and other organizations. Exempt taxpayers must engage in tax accounting as well. In order to keep track of monies (both incoming and outgoing) linked with persons and organizations, tax accounting is necessary.

Financial Accounting vs. Tax Accounting (GAAP)

When it comes to financial reporting, the United States employs two sets of accounting principles: General accepted accounting standards (GAAP) for financial reporting and tax accounting come before anything else (GAAP).

All financial transactions must be accounted for in accordance with GAAP’s set of accounting principles, regulations, and processes when a company compiles its financial statements.

When producing financial statements and tax payments, balance sheet items may be accounted for in a variety of ways. For example, corporations may use the FIFO technique to record their inventory for financial reporting reasons, but they can use the LIFO method for tax reporting purposes. If you choose the latter method, you will pay less in taxes this year.

The emphasis of tax accounting is primarily on transactions that influence an entity’s tax burden and how those transactions relate to correct tax computation and tax document preparation. Accounting covers all financial activities to some degree. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulates tax accounting to make sure that tax accounting professionals and individual taxpayers abide by all applicable tax regulations. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also mandates the use of particular papers and forms for the appropriate submission of tax information.

Tax Accounting Types

Keeping Track of Individual’s Taxes

Tax & Accounting Services in Pasadena for individuals is limited to things such as income and qualified deductions and other transactions that influence the individual’s tax burden. However, a person may utilize a tax accountant, but this is not a legal obligation.

Personal costs that have no tax consequences are included in general accounting, which keeps track of all money entering in and going out of the person’s possession.

Accounting for Taxes in a Corporation

In order to properly account for taxes, additional data must be gathered and processed. To monitor incoming money, the company’s revenues must be accounted for in the same manner as they are for the person. However, any exiting monies that are used to meet particular corporate commitments are more complicated. Shareholder money, as well as those allocated to particular company costs, are examples of this.

Although it is not mandatory for a firm to engage a tax accountant to handle these obligations, it is customary in bigger businesses because of the intricacy of the records involved.

Financial Reporting for a Non-Profit Organization

When an organization is tax-exempt, it is still required to keep track of taxes. Most companies are required to produce yearly reports, which is why this is the case. Whenever money comes in from outside sources like grants or contributions, they have to disclose where it goes and how it is spent. This ensures that the organization complies with all applicable tax-exempt entity rules and regulations.


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