Apex Hull proves a winner for Brisbane Yamaha Quintrex Freestylers

Australia’s Favourite Tinnie competition for November received a lot of great submissions, so picking just one winner was difficult. The competition for the best freestyler boats grew in popularity as many people joined and explained why Quintrex is their favorite tinnie. However, because there can only be one winner, Apex Hull Quintrex Freestyler Boats is the lucky winner.

The Apex hull, a cutting-edge design, is featured on the Freestyler. This unique technology improves boating enjoyment by making it safer, dryer, and smoother. The Apex hull offers a sharp entrance for predictable and comfortable handling while going. After the keel has pierced the water, it will deflect over the flaring bow until it reaches the chine, where it will be deflected downwards, creating a cushion in rough seas.

Types of Apex Hull

The Freestyler’s sleek design not only looks fantastic, but it also turns heads on the water. The Apex hull conducts water downwards and away from the boat, making it the driest bowrider on the market. Quintrex is Australia’s leader in marine innovation, as seen by its factory, which is outfitted with the most cutting-edge specialized marine technology. The company just installed a multimillion-dollar aluminum stretch former. Quintrex is the only company that can create the Apex Hull because of this machine. Here, the different categories of Apex Hull below-

Blade Hull

With its sharper, sleeker design and enhanced deadrise, this boat has the power to slice within the heavy water bodies just like any sharp edge. This blade hull model improved hull efficiency by balancing the convex and concave shapes, resulting in planning lower speed level and improved top-end speed, and if that wasn’t enough, and if that wasn’t enough, ih has full capacity in balancing the convex and concave shapes, resulting in a fair protection.

Flared Bow

Our unique ability of the aluminum body allows the flared bow’s concave contour. The side sheets curved shape deflects rain and keeps passengers dry. The wide bow aids in lift and recovery in tougher circumstances like going to the heavy water of seas.

Eclipse Hull

The structure of this classic punt is combined with the maneuverability of a hull shaped like V in this hull. The wide angle beam is brought ahead to its bow thanks to the v-nose shape. This design provides all-around stability, planning assistance, and choppy water dispersal. 

Fighter Series

The forked curved bow on this fighter freestyler series not only increases the area of deck at the beginning front and platform space by up to 11% but also enhances rest stability by making casting platform a breeze for fishing purposes. This series is now available on all hornet models, as well as Explorer models 390 and higher.


So, these are types of Apex Hull Quintrex Freestylers that are available in the market and have won the title of the best Quintrex freestyler boats available in Brisbane. People in the city love these boats and enjoy the rides.


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