Applying for a New Job? Here Are Some Websites and Apps That Can Help You

Nowadays, applying for your first or a different job may be a bit difficult due to the pandemic. Before, people would only use websites to send their resumes in hopes of landing a job interview. But now, as more companies switch to a work-from-home setting, the internet has become more necessary as going on-site might be dangerous because of COVID-19’s ongoing hazard.

With that said, here are some websites and software programs that can help you land a job at your dream company from the comfort of your home. These will help you throughout the whole process of job hunting: from preparing professional-level documents to clear-cut interviews.


Before sending any applications or resumes, it’s necessary to have excellent documents first that will impress anyone. Although your resume may be filled with honorable accolades or years of job experience, sending it as a Word file might be a bit awkward. So, instead of sending your curriculum vitae as a Word file, why not send it as a PDF? This is where PDFBear.com comes in handy. This website allows you to convert files from MS Word to PDF. All you have to do is upload your MS word resume, let the website scan and convert your document, and voila! You can now present a professional-level resume for your application. Just make sure that you won’t be needing to change anything from the file anymore, as you cannot edit your resume once it’s already a PDF file.

But if you’re concerned about privacy, then there’s no need to worry about it with PDFBear. The website’s server will permanently erase the uploaded file within an hour after the conversion. Overall, the website’s simple steps and emphasis on privacy make PDFBear a great tool to create excellent resumes. 


Now that you have an impressive resume, next are websites that will aid you to have a big chance of finding a great job. One of these websites is Indeed.com. Founded in 2004, Indeed has millions of visitors every month. And with such a huge number of users, the website adds ten job offers each second globally. Aside from showing every level from entry to executive, different industries are also found as well in Indeed. The website also showcases internship, freelance, part-time, and full-time jobs, allowing people of every lifestyle to gain work experience or find a source of income. And speaking of income, the website has a salary comparison tool. It also provides a company reviews section. These allow the user to have a quick overview of the company before sending any applications or accepting any offers.

For job seekers, Indeed.com is a free website and doesn’t require you to create any accounts. However, making an account on this website will provide you with handy perks for job hunting. These include receiving email alerts for newly available jobs and faster uploading of your resume. You also get to receive emails from recruiters or possible employers.


Alternatively, you can use LinkedIn to find a job. Established in 2003, this website has over 740 million registered users, arguably making it the largest networking website for job applicants. And it’s not surprising why many people sign-up. LinkedIn serves both as an online resume platform and a social networking tool. When you make an account, you’ll have a profile that will serve as a portfolio and public digital resume. And once you applied for a company, your profile will be sent to recruiters. Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to add and directly contact job recruiters. This connecting feature with recruiters is something that isn’t available with other networking websites. 

Creating a LinkedIn account is free. After filling out your profile, you may grow your professional network by sending connection requests, similar to Facebook. However, LinkedIn offers a premium membership option. Its perks include seeing those who looked at your profile and detailed information of other applicants who applied on the same listing that interests you. You also get to message people with whom you are not connected.


After sending your resume to your selected company through these websites, up next is waiting for a job interview. And while waiting, it’s best to download apps that allow for online meetings with your recruiter. One of the free apps you should consider getting is Zoom. Founded in 2011, Zoom allows for video calls through different devices including PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android. If you’re using a PC, you can also open the app via browser. 

But what if someone was behind you? Wouldn’t they be seen during the interview? Well, in that case, the app offers a selection of backgrounds for virtual meetings. You can also use your preferred images as a background. That way, your interviewer won’t be distracted if someone is walking behind you.


Another app you should consider downloading for online interviews is Skype. Established in 2003, Skype is one of the most famous virtual meeting platforms today. You can use it via mobile, PC, and even Xbox and Alexa. Just like Zoom, Skype is a free app that also offers virtual backgrounds. But, if you pay a little as you go or through a subscription, you’ll be able to call phones and send text messages. 


Although looking for a new job can be quite complicated today due to the pandemic and quarantine protocols, it is still possible to search for a new venture. With the aid of technology and the internet, you can go through the whole process of job hunting: from making professional-level resumes to interviews with recruiters. Indeed, with these websites and apps, you’ll be able to apply to your dream company from the comfort of your home.


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