Applying for a UK Visa with Your Kids

The visa process for an individual is already a stressful one that has a lot of complexities and requirements to fulfill. Let alone having to apply for a visa with your kids; the process gets even more complicated and overwhelming to manage. However, one can still try to ease the procedure by doing some homework as to what is expected in the visa application with their kids. Our professional immigration service in Lancaster can assist in obtaining your visas with minimum hassle.

Here are a few requirements that one needs to consider along with the new Brexit policies.

Factors Determining Visa Approval for Kids

The visa applied for children is known as the UK dependent visa and has different requirements as compared to the visa process of just an individual. This visa application enables the children to join their families in the United Kingdom. However, it is only possible if both or either one of the child’s parents is British citizens or nationals of the European Union. In other cases, their right to live or work in the UK is also acceptable to issue visas for their children.

The age limit is another factor that determines whether or not the child is eligible for a UK visa. Children over 18 do not fall under the category of “dependent” visa candidates. Similarly, children who are financially independent or have a family of their own are also not eligible for UK visas.

Moreover, visa complications increase if the parent is single and intends on bringing their child along in the UK. The laws are more complex abroad and need more validations than the home country. The system needs to be sure of not just the legal custody of the child, but also the parents being capable of taking the sole responsibility of the kid.

Financial stability is another factor that determines the visa verification for individuals who wish to bring their kids along to the UK. Getting a dependent visa does mean the child having the same rights as a UK citizen, like access to education or healthcare facilities. However, the system requires the parent(s) to be financially capable to afford these facilities for them.

Parental Situation for Visa Eligibility

The circumstances of the parents greatly affect the situation of visa eligibility for the children. Citizenship is one of the foremost factors determining whether or not the child can get access to the UK visa. Two main conditions are considered as eligible while applying for the child visa; the parents being settled in the UK, and the parents being nationals of the European Union. The rest of the details are secondary to these significant points.

One of the Parents Settled in the United Kingdom

If either one of the parents is a UK citizen, they can get visa approval for their children for the next five years. After this period, the child is eligible for the ILR- Indefinite Leave to Remain. There are a few things to consider that hold the status of the parent is settled in the UK;

          British citizenship

          Irish citizen previously a resident of the UK

          Current or previous EU national but with permanent UK residence

          Not an EU national but holds ILR due to previous UK residence

          A person with the right to reside in the UK

          None of the Parents Are Settled in the United Kingdom

In case the parents are not settled in the United Kingdom but are eligible for visa applications that can provide them with residence rights, then they have the chance to apply for their child’s visa. These can be visas for the partner, work visa, ancestry visa, or business visa. If any of these visas mean you can get a permanent residence in the United Kingdom, then your kids are also eligible to settle down with you.

One or Both Parents Are EU Nationals

Even if the parent(s) are not UK citizens, or on any of the visas mentioned formerly, there is still a chance that they can get the visa for themselves and their child. This is possible if either one of the parents is an EU national. In this case, the child can be allowed to live in the UK. Under the EEA Family Permit, the child can be granted settlement in the United Kingdom. However, the condition is that the child needs to be under the age of 18 to be eligible for this permit.

The permit only allows the child six months of residence according to its validity period. This means that they need to apply for the status as pre-settled to continue living in the UK. After five years, they will be eligible to apply for settled status.

If properly researched and thoroughly understood, the laws and regulations can be very much in favor of the individuals trying to get their kids on board in the UK. All one has to do is follow the right way and the guidance of the relevant people responsible for getting the job done.


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