Are Pomeranians good pets?






Big or Small, furry or not, too excited or not, Dogs could really be your best friend if you get to know them but hang on, some maybe a little snappy and a bit tempered , don’t go on their sizes though they really could make you run after them.

The most common curious small dog is none other than a Pomeranian, curious but energetic and never easily tamed; Let’s find out more about these little hot headed guys.

Are Pomeranians good pet?

Are you feeling a little lonely, you saw your friends play with their pets now you want one too, but you don’t know which Pet Express to get? Don’t worry Dogs are an ideal choice to keep as a pet.

They are easy to love and so lively it brings out an even livelier person in you. Usually people opt for smaller dogs and what’s better than a Pomeranian.

They are known for being curious and playful souls, always up to something and they make great pets. They are usually a bit tempered as they get intimidated around unknown or new faces. These little pom’s are quite energetic too, so yes Pomeranians are good pet.

Are Pomeranians good with cats?

If you already have a cat as a pet already and you want to get a dog but you worry about their bonding? And having difficulty in choosing the right dog for you and your cat? Worry not because Pomeranian makes a great pet and they are completely friendly with cats.

They would be even more comfortable growing up with a cat. Pomeranians usually don’t realize that their height’s a bit short and they don’t mind challenging any other dog, better keep them away from the big buddies.

Other than that they’re great with cats. And if you’re looking for pets I’d urge you to adopt a Pomeranian and a cat together you would have loads of fun watching them grow together!

Are Pomeranians good with kids?

Pomeranians are known for their quirky attitude and fast runs, they are really energetic if not a bit short tempered, their temper matched their height too short but too adorably cute.

Don’t forget Pomeranians are usually very energetic they can run as fast as any other small Animal, they are super cute and completely harmless, not around kids though.

They are usually very challenging and a bit short tempered they can be a little difficult around little kids. So if you have little kids at home Pomeranians Might not be a good choice.


Are Pomeranians good for first time owners?

Can’t wait to Have a dog as a pet, thinking about getting a Pomeranian? Then you should definitely get a Pomeranian.

They are very energetic and very curious there will be never a dull moment with them. They are so small weighing around only three to seven pound it would take less amount of food for them to eat.

It’s generally easy to care for them, but don’t let them run free or they would go out and start challenging other big dogs.

They fear all the big people and dogs that are unknown to them so in defense they won’t hesitate in showing their teeth.

Are Pomeranians cuddly?

Known for their energetic lifestyle and short tempered these little poms are very affectionate towards their owners. They like to cuddle a lot. Let’s shower them with loads of cuddle.


Pomeranians can be good pets that is for sure they are full of energy but indeed these cute little fur balls are also a bit temperamental.

They are very affectionate towards their owners. Even though they are quite expensive you should still get them. Just make sure they know who the boss is and keep your children away from them. They might whine or cry if not given proper attention so make sure they are treated right.

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