Are There Any Free War Games? 

For war games enthusiasts, there are all sorts of games that are available out there. These war games cover different periods and cover all sorts of settings. Their styles also vary considerably. But even with the plenty of these games available out there, keeping abreast of them can leave your wallet empty. The games are many and can be expensive. 

However, there are free choices of war games that you can now play on your personal computer for free, and here are some of them.

1. Politics & War

Politics & War is a free web based politics game that allows players to create their nation and rule it. The players will be forced 

to make grueling decisions, and you can play with friends and family and even strangers, waging war against each other or working together for mutual prosperity.

2. World of tanks

This is a classic play that offers you a chance to fight with your friends, with big guns and explosions among others. Pick your tank and get immersed into the war that comprises urban landscapes and instant battle section scenes. You have to position your canon properly to hit the opposing tanks and move around the battlefield tactfully.

3. Enlisted

This is a relatively new game and is hardcore and squad-focused game that laws developed by the well-known Gaijin. This game revolves around the Second World War infantry unit that has to fight its way through skirmishes as they ensure that their objectives are captured. They apply every possible strategy to ensure that the enemy’s reinforcements are disintegrated. While playing this game, you have an opportunity to lead a customized squad of infantry fighters that take part in battles, storming strategic locations and giving orders to capture territory.

4. World of Warships

This game takes the action to the oceans and the ships are commanded in to fight and sink enemy vessels. Teamwork needs to be leveraged and there is a need to position you to be able to get a foothold of the enemy team. This game can be accessed as a casual multiplayer and you can be sure that you will enjoy the frenetic firefight that you will come into the face with. Take a closer look and you will discover that the game is more demanding, and can offer you a fantastic way to enjoy yourself with your friends. As a player, you have to plan the direction, course, and speed that your battleships will take because certain strategic positions can help you win easily.

5. War thunder

This is a war game like no other as it combines land, sea, and air battles. You can try the modes by switching from one option to another. It offers an experience that is hard to replicate. The skirmishes create a perfect fishing environment. Naval skirmishes also ensure that the players can put a lot of effort into certain objectives, as well as on team communication.


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