Are there any ways you can cheat online slot machines?

Whether you are a newcomer to the online slot gaming scene or a well-seasoned igaming veteran, there will always be one thing that you can agree on: online slot machines that you can easily beat are the treasures of the internet casino world – claim free slot spins.

As hard as it may seem, gamers from all across the globe are constantly trying to find ways you can cheat an online slot machine so that it pays you the most bucks whilst spending the least amount.

Some of you may think that finding ways in which you can cheat online slot machines is a myth, whereas others may just know a trick or two, either way, we are here to reveal some lies and secure some genuine methods of cheating the online slots!

What is cheating an online slot machine?

Before we get stuck into if cheating an online slot machine is actually possible, we need to be clear-cut about what it means to cheat. Today is just your luck because we have got all the answers for you right here:

·         By classical dictionary definition, to cheat is to be fraudulent or deceptive in order to obtain something that is not rightfully yours. It is the easy way round, the shortcut that defies all the rules, and it is generally not allowed!

·         That means that to cheat an online slot machine is to access the benefits of online slots without having to pay for the rewards.

·         As we all know, online slot machines run off of random number generators that ensure that, like a shuffled deck, the reels display random outcomes. Cheating this would be ensuring that the results you want to appear do so!

·         So, if you fancied yourself with the biggest jackpot in an online slot machine but do not want to spend a penny getting it, you, my friend, are an online slot cheat!

We know that the outcome is so desirable, but unfortunately for many of you aspiring slot machine cheats reading this, the online casinos do not tend to take kindly to the devilish fraudsters who are trying to get their money!

How can you cheat an online slot machine?

If you want the short answer, it is that you cannot. If you are able to penetrate an online casino’s code and steal their funds then not only will you get off with a ban from the site, you will also be arrested because it is illegal in pretty much every country.

Whilst you cannot cheat an online slot machine, there is one main thing that you can do which is almost like cheating it: claiming the rewards and welcome bonuses.

·         If you go around signing up to online slot sites and claiming their free cash bonuses, then you are essentially cheating the system!

·         You get to play, and win, online slot games without spending a penny.


·         So, if you fancy yourself as a trickster and a high roller, why not try this completely legal way of cheating online slot machines!


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