Arranged marriages are a boon or a curse.

Arranged marriage is a category in a marriage where parents or older adults arrange the partner. It is more into the nature of a marriage between the individual and the family. The elders or the parents, as per the Hindu customs, decide the whole process of marriage. The marriage proposal comes from the bride’s side, whereas, in the case of Muslims and Christian society, it comes from the groom’s side. However, many best matrimonial sites offer profiles for brides and grooms these days, and anyone may contact them.

Open to your family

Choosing a partner is not at all an easy task, and one never takes it lightly. When going for a man to marry, ask yourself tremendous questions and evaluate what you want. Know your responsibilities and roles in creating a happy recognition and relationship that it is up to you to develop the relationship you are looking for. Feel free to talk to everyone about who you are and make efforts to share with every other family. Talk about the differences and any other potential problem, which may arise if you do become married.

Advantages of arranged marriage

It is up to the groom’s parents whether to reject or accept the proposal. Usually, the proposal comes through any intermediary or sometimes it might be negotiated directly. The groom’s parents and relatives come to see the groom, consider the family background, and assess overall. Sometimes the grooms and the bride are not allowed to see each other, and if the older people select the girls, they plan for an arranged marriage, but now the practice is considered outdated. It is becoming quite indispensable to take the consent of both the bride and groom to settle an arranged marriage.

Dowry and several other demands are finally decided on the day of engagement. They have exchanged gifts like gold, dresses and sweets as a token of friendship and love between the two families. Arranged marriage has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of arranged marriages

  • There are better relationships with the family, and it provides better opportunities for getting together.
  • Arranged marriage is known in society for its social recognition and credibility for a secured conjugal life. The parents of both the families undertake the whole responsibility of the marriage,
  • In most cases in an arranged marriage, the couple and their kids are well looked after by their parents–in–law.
  • The family, friends and relations accept the marriage. They feel responsible for many mistakes during or immediately after marriage.
  • During any accidents or calamities, both the families share the burden to reduce the misfortune and make it easy for the couple to bear it. Arranging a marriage ensures family support in every circumstance.
  • In arranged marriages, it is easier to get financial assistance from parents at the time of requirement.

This would not be a doubt in better conjugal life. The marriage bureau in Ludhiana provides profiles from all over the world.


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