Art Periods: An Introduction to Art History

Art is an ever-evolving subject that everyone understands and fails to understand. It is adequate to say that it is not everyone’s cup of tea if they aren’t wholly engrossed and consumed by it. Sydney has some of the best contemporary art galleries for public viewing and discussion. In any Sydney art gallery, one can readily find aboriginal art and other famous indigenous Sydney artists. Many of them are open for purchases to help support these artists and produce more art.

Since many people do not invest in art being ill-knowledgeable about it, here are a few art periods to understand before getting into it.


Many people are aware of the cubism period due to the famous work that arose from here. Picasso is the most famous artist that people know, who created much cubist art. It is an art technique known to break the painting/sketch down into smaller parts, arrange it strictly with sealed shapes, to put it together concisely. This structure was more futuristic than ever and had changed the perspective of modern art.

This period started in the early ’90s, and many artists developed their styles within now to suit cubism better. People enjoyed cubism since there were no boundaries, and it was much more imaginative. There were no rules about the 3D aspects or separating backgrounds and foregrounds. People felt involved in the art, which made it what it is.


As the name suggests, this art was surreal and the most abstract period history had ever noticed. This period where artists like Dali thrived created the most chaotic yet soothing art pieces in a long time. The idea behind this kind of art was to create something to understand using things one cannot understand. It made art using the most abstract items like dreams and imagination.

This period was almost made out of “what if’s” in an individual’s mind. Every doubt converted into art was a masterpiece. It also gave rise to political art, where agendas and ideologies spread subtly without causing trouble. People explored the art that shouldn’t be, i.e. taboos were put into canvases and explored without fear.


This period was more personal than others. Most artistic pieces were for the people or what they could understand and interpret. This period allowed people to express themselves. The previous periods were as expressionist as it gets, but this period truly explored one’s deepest emotions. A platter of feelings put into a painting describes this period better than any other.

Expressionism seems to be the sane successor of surrealism since it made sense to people to understand the artist’s emotions. Van Gogh and Edward Munch are some known artists from this era who developed their art established selfishly on themselves. Wild brushstrokes used so fast, like they were experiencing the emotions in real-time, define this art period more precisely.

Modern art:

Modern art is not gen-z! It is of as much value as it gets. One can find contemporary art in any Sydney art gallery only to find it is even more admired than any old art piece. It has its nuance and delicate touch like any other period. It also is the most understood art, less personal, and more exhibitionist.

It is anything but conformist. It is out of the box, a whirlwind to confuse people and to make them understand. Sydney has some of the finest neo-expressionist artists in this age. It was also known as the neo-expressionism period; it was as voraciously made as it gets.


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