As A Dance Professional, How Can I Offer Dance Courses?

Are you a dancer or choreographer yourself and want to turn your passion into a profession? It is possible! In Adelaide, numerous people give Adelaide dance classes for beginners, visit here for more information. They provide advanced dancers or even other professional dancers and thus manage to make a living from their art.

In the age of the Internet, it is of course even easier to find potential private customers. On some websites, you can create your profile with just a few clicks and start looking for students immediately! Have you found someone who is interested in your dance lessons? Then comes the next step: the right preparation. Because if you have never given a dance course before, you may be unsure at the beginning of what needs to be considered.

Where can I give my dance class?

First of all, you need to find a suitable course location for your dance lessons. This is extremely important because as a beginner you might make the mistake of picking a place that isn’t really suitable just because it’s free. But if you can’t teach well, not only your students, but also you will quickly become frustrated. Therefore, it makes more sense to take some time for this part and actively search for a suitable place, compare prices, etc.

Of course, this only applies if you want to teach freelance dancing. But there is also the possibility of looking for a permanent position in a dance school. In this case, of course, you automatically have rooms available and do not have to look for them yourself.

And that’s not the only advantage of the job: Of course, you also benefit from a contract (limited or unlimited), a regular income, fixed times for your dance classes and the employer’s contribution to social security, health insurance, etc.

On the other hand, some dancers and choreographers may want to be more flexible in terms of times, but also in terms of the design of the dance course program and content. Apart from private lessons there is the option of founding your own dance school as a self-employed person.

If that’s still a bit too big for you (and you don’t have the necessary capital), you can start as a freelancer with private lessons at home or in rented rooms and then see how things go. Either way, the benefit is that all the income is yours, so you’re not working for someone else, you’re your own boss! Weekly courses, intensive workshops, holiday offers for children – there are no limits to your imagination!

But if you want to start with a job first to get into the business, you can apply to the following structures:

  • Local dance and music schools
  • National Dance Academies
  • Universities in drama, music and dance
  • Dance schools
  • Non-accredited dance schools
  • dance clubs and associations
  • Gyms
  • Elementary schools and kindergartens

So, there are numerous places where you can teach dance professionally, it all depends on your profile and your vision.

How much can I charge for my dance lessons?

As with all professional professions, it is difficult to determine the right price for a dance lesson in the arts and dance field. In any case, it is important that the price matches the offer and is perceived as fair. Too cheap is not profitable and indicates low quality, too expensive may not attract enough customers. As so often, it is important to find the golden mean, whereby the relationship between supply and demand in your region also plays an important role.

As a rule, the price for a dance lesson is between $30 and $40, but as we all know, exceptions confirm the rule…

If you structure your classes well and have a solid business plan, you can earn as much as a private dance teacher as you can as an employed dance teacher in a dance school. With super customer acquisition maybe even more, since no margin of your income goes to your employer. But be careful: As a freelancer, you pay 100% of all taxes, insurance, pension contributions, etc. yourself, which should not be underestimated.

Are you still a student? Then the whole thing looks a little better again, because then insurance is usually reduced. The best thing to do is to ask the local tax office what the situation would look like for you.

However, it is important that you find enough dance students. Offer special courses to set yourself apart from your competition and try to broaden your offer: dance courses for beginners, children’s dance courses or early dance education, hip-hop dance for young people, senior dance courses, wedding dance courses.

You should consider the following criteria when setting your price:

  • Your education (studies, training, etc.
  • Your experience as a dancer
  • Your experience as a dance teacher
  • Geographical location
  • Average price in a certain dance style
  • Size of the dance course (individual lessons, couple dance, group course)
  • Rent for the premises (dance studio, dance school, sports hall)
  • Material (dance shoes, gymnastics equipment, etc.)
  • Your reputation and ratings on social networks and platforms

Training opportunities for dance teachers

Education or no education?  That is the question.

First of all, you need to know that the profession of dance teacher is not protected in Australia – it is one of the liberal professions. This means that there is also no state-regulated training and qualifications and that you do not officially need a diploma or certificate of any kind to be able to teach dance.

If you can prove experience or maybe even did an intensive workshop with a famous dancer, that might count more in the scene. It also depends on the style of dance: In hip-hop and street dance, it may even be considered good manners to think up and teach the moves yourself, but in ballet, professional training is practically mandatory. Nevertheless, it is usually always well received in Australia if you can show some kind of “credit”.

Whether you need training or not also depends on the level and/or type of school you want to teach at. For example, some accredited dance schools only employ teachers who have training from the same association, and if you want to go to a dance school, you also need more proof of experience and training than if you teach ballroom dancing privately.

By the way: Zumba® is a registered brand name and therefore requires special training to become a Zumba instructor.

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