Assembly, Servicing & Maintenance of Power Electric WheelChairs

As we grow old, walking to even nearby places becomes a difficult task. Besides aging, other factors like injuries and other medical issues lead to loss or reduction of mobility. People suffering from limited mobility issues can enjoy a free and independent lifestyle by using mobility aids like power electric wheelchairs. Though manual wheelchairs also help in improving quality of life by giving freedom to move anywhere, they are not easy to operate. People with poor upper body strength should go ahead with electric wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are comfortable, safe to travel both indoors and outdoors and allow users to travel longer distances without any fatigue.

Some other benefits of using power wheelchairs are as follows:

  1. It allows the user to travel around safely and complete his daily activities without taking any assistance.
  2. It reduces the risk of injury and accidental falls.
  3. Different kinds of wheelchairs are available in the market that allows users to travel outdoors and on all kinds of terrains.
  4. By keeping a user socially active, these wheelchairs indirectly help in improving their social and overall lifestyle.
  5. Last but not the least, these wheelchairs are easy to handle and maneuver.

Whether you purchase or take mobility assistive devices on rent, gather complete information about their assembly, maintenance and cleaning beforehand to safeguard your device. This guide aims at covering these important pieces of information related to power electric wheelchairs.

Assembly: Power wheelchairs are easy to assemble as they usually comprise two or three parts only. The heaviest part is the base, which weighs around 40 to 50 lbs. Not every person can assemble these wheelchairs. So, it is advisable to seek a professional consultant for the right assembly of these mobility aids. Even companies understand the fact that assembling power wheelchairs is not a cakewalk for a common person, therefore they offer assembly services. Many companies deliver these wheelchairs at customers’ doorsteps and offer assembly services at their homes.

Service: It is indispensable to service the power electric wheelchairs on a regular basis. Inspections are done during the servicing to highlight whether all vital components of the wheelchairs are safe to use or require any replacement. Thus, it is crucial to read the owner’s manual carefully and follow the servicing schedule as mentioned in it. Mostly, all wheelchairs come with a free two or three servicing depending upon the make and model. So, users are advised to take benefit of the free servicing and even continue with the schedule once the free servicing schedule gets over.

Maintenance: Just like servicing, even maintenance is important to ensure that wheelchairs remain in working condition for a longer period. Usually, with continuous usage, many electrical components of the chair erode when they come in touch with coffee, rain or any other liquid. The maintenance activity will identify such components and other issues that will affect the smooth functioning of the wheelchair. Some other basic tips to maintain your mobility aid and increase its lifespan are as follows:

  1.   Prefer charging the battery to the fullest before taking it outside.
  2.   Always park it in a shaded area.
  3.   Drive it within the prescribed speed limit only.

Cleaning: There are certain activities which a user must do to keep its power electric wheelchair in good and working condition. These activities include wiping down the seat as well as a frame with a dry cloth to remove dirt and grime. Liquids corrode electrical components of the chair, so clean the spills as soon as possible. If possible, buy a wheelchair cover along with the wheelchair and cover it when not in the use.

So, keep these small yet important tips in the mind and enjoy your ride with your mobility aid today and forever.


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