Astronomical Events in September 2021: Neptune at Opposition – September 14 

The eighth and farthest planet from the sun in the solar system is Neptune. This September, Neptune will come closest to the Earth this year when it is in opposition on September 14th. Amateur astronomers will be able to use a telescope to see Neptune in the sky during that time period. Neptune’s opposition also may make things interesting in your psychic love reading and astrological life. Here is what to expect when Neptune goes into opposition and how it impacts your life.

Neptune’s Role

Neptune is never this close to the planet Earth, and because of this, some people may feel a little different due to this planet’s unusual position in the first few weeks of September. In a normal time period, the planet Neptune is associated with inspiration and compassion. People with a strong Neptune presence in their natal chart may be highly spiritual, intuitive, creative and sensitive. The star sign of Pisces is most associated with the planet Neptune in the best psychic readings.

Heightened Anxiety and Stress

As Neptune moves closer to Earth at the end of August and the beginning of September, all of the sun signs may start to feel the impact. This planet’s opposition may bring feelings of anxiety and stress to many. During this time period, some people may be feeling a little less confident and self-assured. It’s important to focus on self-care and take a relaxing break when Neptune comes into opposition so everyone can get through this challenging time of self-realization.

Taking Ownership

Sun sign Aquarius may get some positive impact from Neptune’s opposition. The new position of Neptune may inspire an Aquarius to work on their relationships with family members and try to understand them better. Gemini and Taurus may also see some positive effects in their life due to the planet’s position. During this time period, Gemini and Taurus may be more willing to focus on finishing one task instead of starting multiple projects and never finishing them.

Being More Social

The opposition of the planet may also push a few other sun signs to be more social and friendly. Aries may feel a little burst of energy and start going out and doing more active things with friends. Cancer may feel the need to make more social connections and see friends and family members or help out with a pet psychic lost pet. Sagittarius can take advantage of the opposition and network with people in their industry and see about new opportunities for their careers.

Putting Health First

Other sun signs may use this time period to start putting their physical or emotional health first. Pisces and Libra will be focusing on their feelings and emotional well-being during the opposition and healing past wounds. Virgo will be invigorated during the opposition and take on new challenges to treat their physical health, such as starting a new exercise routine, adding healthy menu options to their day or taking vitamins.

Understanding how the planetary positions impact your life can help you be ready for the next astronomical event. When Neptune moves into position, you can witness this interesting phenomenon with a telescope and get ready to feel some changes.


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